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The best of the past


Summer may not be a good time for visitors to this site. Content may appear, but it will continue to be as spotty as it has been lately. My first goal is to clean up the history pages (records etc.) and then return in the fall with a defined focus and a schedule for weekly updates.

Many thanks to the athletes in the state and to the Hocomock League specifically for providing excitement thoughout the year.

Good luck to seniors - oops - graduates who are moving on to a new arena. I'll be watching results, showing up a a few college meets and maybe running into you as you come back to watch some Hock meets.

To the undergrads - your time is at hand. Stay focused and dedicated. Next year you can make sit up and take notice!

And finally, to parents and fans. Don't be afraid to drop me a line at any time. Bring me up-to-date on your favorite athlete. Whether its a summer road race or any other point of interest, I appreciate it.

I might be dedicating my time this summer to swimming, running, oystering, kayaking and bike riding, but my mind is never far away from my extended family.


Yours in track,



Contact Coach Estey at


Importance of all meets . . . cont.

Special thanks go to :

  • My wife Arlene for providing me with
  • Matthew Taylor for the preliminary sitedevelopment
I am slowly making this column disappear - either through archiving or deletion. A long-awaited new look is in progress.
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