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King Philip
Mansfield Girls

Running Links

The Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association sponsors XC, indoor and outdoor state level meets. They also provide recognition programs for outstanding athletes and coaches as well as providing camp scholarships. Find state schedules, results and special awards information here.
The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association is the governing body for high school sports within the state. They host meets, sanction meets, promulgate regulations and hold schools accountable for adherance to rules.
Probably the most popular site out there for race results, listed by state. The majority of attention is spent on road racing, but you can also find cross country and track results for both the high school and college level.
Robert and Weldon Johnson are two runners in the know. Their site links you directly to the most talked about running issues of the day. They also host one of the most trafficed message boards on the topic of running. Irreverent, topical, controvertial, cutting edge - it's where hardcore runners hang out when they're not burning rubber. This site includes links to the most important track related news stories - updated on a daily basis.
This is a stagnant link. There are no longer any updates, but if you want a look at what a high level college cross country program goes through - this is a "must visit" site. Matt Taylor visited some of the best programs in the country and documented their training. These are teams that had their sights on national recognition. Taylor looks at the daily preparation and combines them with entertaining video to give you a unique look at the trip to Terre Haute!
Here is another Matthew Taylor first. Taylor follows a group of Kenyans in their training toward elite marathon performances. His first season chronicled the disappointment of Chicago and the elation of New York. In his second season he travels to Iten, Kenya to see the vunerability of Kenyan athletes. This site is a mixture of training insights and motivational videos. If you are a serious distance runner, this series could change your life!
A site dedicated to high school running with great message boards. You will find national performance lists and up-to-date results from major high school meets.
This site covers women's running from high school to the professional level. There are always good pictures from the major meets.
Produced by the New York Road Runners Organization, this site covers men's running from high school to the professional level. Also great meet pictures.
Local track news including the definitive story on Franklin Park best times

Hockomock League Track Links

Canton is on the march and Coach Coleman is keeping the home crowd in step with her web-site.
The Panthers are on the prowl and Mr. Rizzolo keeps one of the most professional looking site in the area.
King Philip
When you go 8-0 in both boys and girls track in the Hockomock League you better get the info out to your fans. Here's their site.
This is another way to link back to my homepage
The Tigers are now on-line
The newest Hock website is up and running - pun intended

Non-running Links

CapeBound Cape Cod provides a welcome respite from work. Devoted to those who are considering moving to the Cape Cod.

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