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Its hard not to go overboard as a proud parent. This weekend was a great example. Emily never ceases to amaze me.

The bottom line is her 3:03.08 New York marathon finish, which isn't bad for someone whose longest lifetime race entering the year was a 5K. She decided to train for the marathon while studying for the bar exam.

At age 28, I thought her serious running days were over. Instead, she aimed at her first long race. I guess it wasn't too hard running distance while studying. But since early October she's been working long hours at her firm of Cutler, Hale, Pickering and Dorr, sneaking in long runs before sunup and after sundown. Sunday saw runs eventually reaching 22-24 miles. Nearly every mile was logged alone, her work schedule keeping her from group training with any of the local running clubs.

Emily's effort on Sunday was notable for a few things. First of all was her ability to run steady and stick to her plan of 7-minute miles. A marathon is a compilation of 8 consecutive 5K races (with an extra 2K at the end). Her 8 splits were.









How does that stack up? She was the 65th woman out of over 12,500 female finishers. In her 20-29 year old age group she was 25th out of over 2,500.

Oh, by the way. On Saturday she informed Arlene and I that she forgot to tell us she passed her bar exam.

Now that she has a marathon in the books, she can go back to concentrating on her career.