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After placing 3rd in the 10K with her A-standard, Amy Begley no longer needs to wear a shirt telling us she's an athlete.
Jeremy tries out his "Last Comic Standing" routine.
Matt not only multi-tasks. He also can look two directions at once.
TOTHETRIALS.COM gurus Jeremy and Ben promised Katie a "Big" prize for being the only person to log on twice. This was the official award ceremony.
Even the lights in Track Town USA go around in circles.
Ice cream kept disappearing. A motion sensor camera caught the culprit.
People who live in glass houses . . .
At some points there were up to seven laptops going at once, Matt often simultaneously on two. Up to five businesses were running at once.
northrunning @ work on Sunset Ave. overlooking Eugene.
"Bringing you the news, one finger at a time."
When does our vacation start?
You can tell a runners house by looking at the doorstep.
Sometimes agents over-manage. Here Tom explains to Matt T. the best ways to wave to the fans.
Toni shows how to levitate two flower pots above his hands.
Time out on the set for some seating adjustment.
Emily can barely make out Coach Henner in the distance. Time for an eye exam.
Matt and Emily point out the way to Eugene. Oops. We're already in Eugene.
Amby tells a story. Scott takes advantage by getting some shut-eye.
I cooked the burgers. Not everyone gave rave reviews.
The party got so busy that people started climbing out windows to get there.
Mommy, why doesn't this doggy bark?
Scott shows Weldon, Toni and Robert how he can make his hand look like a spider.
Caption Contest. Surely there must be a good comment for this one.