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Olympic Marathon Trials in New York's Central Park - 11/3/07
The start outside Radio City Music Hall at 7:30 AM
Running up 7th Avenue before the mile mark.
At the 15 mile mark there was a mix of  newcomers and stars. This pack of 5 looked like it might produce the three qualifiers.Further back was popular Brian Sell who said pre-race that he'd give up running and go to dental school if he didn't make the Olympic team.
Our group at the 15 mile mark waiting for the next loop. That's Arlene, Emily and Tessa seated.
On the next loop Hall had blown the race wide open with 2nd place Dathan far behind.
At this point Sell was sitting in 4th but closing on third place Dan Brown with one of the best marathoners in history right on his heels.
That's Dathan headed to a 2nd place finish.
Brian Sell grabs the third and gets one of the largest ovations of the day.
The new kids on the block celebrate.
The '08 marathon team (maybe!-I'll tell you more later) celebrates to the cheers of USA! USA!