I don't have a complete update. Most disturbing, I don't have the score after day 1. That makes predictions hard. But here's a little of what happened.


High Jump


Canton's Bobby Saraf pulled off the win with Zach Watson of Foxboro in second place. Watson was showing the best pure height of anyone but Saraf was cleaner over the bar. Chris Strickland was struggling, wincing after every jump on a bad ankle. At one point he even cut it down to a four-step approach and skied the height to continue and place third overall. Sean McElwee was 6 th for NA.


Everyone knew Laura Weeks would win and she did in good fashion with a 5'5” height. NA grabbed two spots, Nicole Matte (4'10 – 2 nd ) and Sara Krasney (4'8 – tied third). Overall it wasn't a good jumping day.


Long Jump


Joe Jeudy (ST) flew 21' to first place just ahead of Quinn Ryder's 20'10”. NA's Christian Pirnie was 3 rd with a PR 20'5.75 just a quarter inch ahead of teammate Elijah Harris.


As expected, the long jump was a good event for NA girls but they just missed sweeping the top three spots when Michelle Sirois snuck in ahead of league leader Julianne Cappadona for the #3 spot. Kristen McLoughlin and Carolyn Udall tied for first at 16'9 with the tie broken by the next best jump. That went to Udall at 16'8”.


Triple Jump


When I left the event during the finals league leader Brian Toney sat in first place followed by Alex Kutana and Derek Sullivan.


Strange how NA girls owned one horizontal jump while Mansfield owned the other. Mansfield claimed the top three spots with Meghan Ferreira leading the charge at 36'5 followed by Kelly McCabe and Colleen Davis. The first non-hornet was 4 th place Audra Norvaisa (SH)   at 34'3”Julie Joseph (CT) was 5 th .


Shot Put

It was a very good day at the circle for many. Mike McPherson was the winner at 55'3.25 with Dan Glavin at 54'7.75. Mark Wolff (NA) hit his first ever 50' throw and grabbed third at 50'4.5. Andrew McNeice followed at 50'.75”. Next was Brian Courtney 48'7 and Chris Fong at 46'.


Mansfield also went 1-2 in the girls meet with Kelly McCabe over 37' and Jessica Eason following closely at 36. The last round brought changes with both Katie Kelleher and Samantha Burrows having good last throws.



Sean Byron left no doubt as he dominated the competition. He sent one throw over 190', bombed a sector foul and capped the day with a 177' toss from a short approach. Phil Tryon placed 3 rd at 163'


NA's Rachel Whiting was the girls' champion with the only throw over 100' at 104'+. I think Kristen Taylor (OA) held on for second. The big story was the last throw for Mansfield. Sitting in 7 th place, a 96'+ toss on the last attempt bumped NA's Jenn Alix out of a scoring spot and got Mansfield some points. One throw = 7 point swing.



I was standing 160' from the circle and Dan Glavin almost hit me – which was bad news for Dan since I was standing out of the vector. Same thing on the second throw. What to do? He fronted his third throw at 135' just to get into the finals. Of course that was good enough to be the leader. I missed finals but have to assume that with three more throws he took care of business. Quite a few throwers were having trouble but Andrew McNeice looked very comfortable in his home circle and was 2 nd entering the finals.


Jess Eason became the first thrower in the league over 100' and won the event. KP's three amigos of Kaila Smith, Katie Kelleher and Melissa Smith grabbed the next three spots with NA's Kayla Gardepe 5 th at 88'.


Mansfield boys enter Day 2 with a big lead. Mansfield girls grabbed a few more points than expected while NA came up a few short so Mansfield enters Day 2 with a slight cushion. Be there Friday at 5PM to see things settled on the oval.