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Oldest brother Curt - the first high jumper in the family
Family members and friends start to gather for the ceremony.
Getting ready for the ceremony
Principal Bob Gay
Athletic Director Paul Sullivan
Parents unveil the sign.
A few brief thank yous
Bob Gay, Dwight Estey, Superintedent Richard Smith, Paul Sullivan
A Mansfield captain speaks for her team.
A celebratory lap of relatives, friends and athletes from both teams.
On my left is daughter Emily (NA's all-time leading scorer), sister Chris, to the far right (W-hat) is brother Keith and to his right (NASCAR hat) is brother Curt.
Emily still holds school records in the mile, 300MH, heptathlon, 4X400, sprint medley and javelin relay.
In purple is Leah Seward and hidden from view on her right is Vanessa Megna.
Curt, Dwight, Mom, Keith, Chris
In-laws Bill and Ruth Olson, Arlene, Dwight, Curt, Mom, Keith, Chris, Matt, Emily