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Girls' Indoor Track


A Brief History

In the late 1970's and into the early 1980's there still were no girls' indoor track teams within the Hockomock League. Girls were allowed to practice with the boys' teams and at each meet girls were allowed to compete in "non-scoring" races. This usually amounted to a sprint race and a distance race. They might even be allowed to throw shot put if there was time. For girls, no standings were kept and there was no opportunity to "letter" for the team.

During the 1981 season head coach Bob Aussant was given an assistant for the first time. Dwight Estey assumed that position.

As a result of the cost cutting measures imposed by Proposition 2 1/2, in 1981 the North Attleboro boys' indoor track team was eliminated (after a 7-1 season). For a few years no boys or girls had the opportunity to compete in indoor track.

In 1984/85 the budget picture improved and the decision was made to re-instate boys' indoor track. The captains-elect of the 1985 girls' outdoor track team, Mary Ellen Hanley and Debbie Schromm, made an impassioned speech in front of the school committee in favor of instituting a girls' team. The idea received unanimous agreement of the committee. Dwight Estey was chosen as the head coach of both teams with Charlie Ayotte as assistant.

The timing was fortuitous. Only a year later North Attleboro was to win their first state championship. This team ran the table, winning the Hockomock League Meet Championship, Class C Relays, Class C Meet, and State Finals.

School Records

Since then North Attleboro has distinguished itself in many ways. A number of school records are noteworthy. Every year a new group of athletes pays homage to these records through a total commitment toward eliminating them.

Won/Loss Record

Since its inception in 1985 the girls of NAHS have shown a perchant for winning. Their won/loss record is enviable.

Team History

Success at North Attleboro is a measurement of how today's athletes compare to those who came before. In the words of Coach Estey, "Those who respect the of history of North Track are doomed to repeat it!" Although this history is incomplete there is a constant effort to fill in the missing links.

Career Scoring List

These athletes made their mark in NA track history by being competitive over a long time. Here are the top scorers of all-time.

Century Club

The "Century Club" is comprised of athletes who have scored over 100 points in a season. This list is very difficult to reach indoors. Athletes can't double in distance races and there are only two field events in the dual meets. To join this club you have to be exceptional in a few events on the league level or score high in state meet competition.

Top 5 List

This is the list of the top 5 athletes all-time in each event. There will be considerable research to make this list complete.