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5/16/05 Here is what other coaches have to say about working with girls' track.

5/13/05 Hockomock League Championship Records

4/28/05 Class B State Relay

What does it take to place?

4/1/05 Fundraising efforts reach a new high as the NA Girls' Track Team will host a talent night.

3/19/05 I wrote this Hall of Fame induction speech based on certain points I wanted to make and to recognize people who I thought would be there. When the day came many things changed. So although this is what I intended to say, my final speech was considerably different. I strayed from the paper because I did most of the speech from memory, condensed it on the fly to fit my feeling of the moment, avoided those lines that I knew would choke me up and targeted it toward those graduates and athletes that appeared. I wish it could have been longer - because this couldn't nearly cover all I've thought about the past few weeks. But here are at least my major sentiments.

3/6/05 Last week's message on sportsmanship struck a cord with team historian Barry Ryan. He recounts some examples from the late 60's plus corrects me on NA's entry into the Hockomock League ('69- not '68)

2/01/05 North Attleboro placed 4th out of 29 teams at the Class B State Relays. NA results.

1/25/04  Jerry Espinosa still stands as one of the best NA track athletes of all time.

An e-mail from Jerry.

12/5/04 If you haven't completed your holiday shopping I have a few gift ideas. lists the top 12 runner gifts.