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The North Attleboro Girls' Track Team has announced the spring '05 fundraiser entitled "A Magic Night of Entertainment." Members of the team and coaching staff will put their talents on display in a one-hour extravaganza. Originally expected to be staged at the high school auditorium, there is some speculation that it will have to be moved to a larger and more accommodating location.


Some of the talent selections are already known. Among the starring acts will be Leah Seward on concert piano, Amanda Parker on flute, Brittany Dunn in a floor exercise routine and Coach Estey providing a dramatic reading of Kubla Kahn.


Less known are some of the other acts:


Tiffany Badger will perform a juggling act that includes three shot puts and a discus.


The 4 X 100M relay team will be singing a medley of barbershop quartet songs. They have ordered special white striped speed suits and straw hats for the occasion. The alternate runner will accompany them on banjo.


Abbie Frederick and Amanda Walkins will perform a duet "Two for Tea"


Djerica Lamousnery will perform an interpretive dance using hurdles as props.


Kelly Curtis will do her mime routines, "Cat in a Brown Paper Bag" and "Running into the Wind".


In what may turn out to be the highlight of the night, Coach Holster will demonstrate his skill at yodeling. He'll be performing under his stage name Buck Owens.


Pre-sales of tickets has been high so the NAGTO is presently in negotiations with the Wang Center to host the event.