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12/13 Coach Estey considers the benefits of attending clinics .

12/13 Coach Estey questions Mark Young about the 2003 distance summit in Las Vegas.

12/4 The Oak Bluffs Turkey Trot

11/4 haiku contest. The best haiku about cross country/running will receive a piece of memorabilia

11/12 interviews the first head coach of NAHS track to discuss her memories of H. Reed Morse.

10/20 Shuck and Run Story

10/1 Book Review of "The Purple Runner".

9/26The father of NA track and field  H. Reed Morse passed away. Athletescomments.  Reed is pictured  Sue Young's memories

9/12 Jess Rutter and Ashley Willox finished 1-2 to lead a victory over Foxboro and Stoughton.  It had to be . . .

8/7 You meet all kinds on the Ocean City boardwalk. But if you want to meet these runners you'll have to get up a little earlier.

7/28 Road Racing Explained

6/8 There is probably no area of greater success for NA girls than in the 4X100. I'll share them with you.

6/8 The Hockomock had a great showing at the state finals. Results comments

5/17 Some of the top programs in the state descended on North Attleboro for the Class B relays. Stories and pics.

4/20 Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the Sun Chronicle newspaper.

4/5 There are certain images that always show the best of track. Here are but a few.

3/23 The Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association inducted four new members to the Hall of Fame.

3/19  Emily Estey talks about goals. Check out what NA's all-time leading scorer has to say.

3/17 See what past athletes have to say about goals. Latif, Linzi, Janet and others talk about how they used goals for motivation.

3/4 In the never-ending quest for improvement, personal coaches are one of the newest fads. How personal is personal? How does this fit into a high school athlete's program? Learn how to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

Part 1 - Part 2

2/24 German coverage exposes the weakness in USA's television promotion of the sport. What can we learn from them?

2/23 The perfect cross country training spot - as I found on my recent vacation. Now if I could only practice here.

State Coaches Invitational  Pics of winners.