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North has had a long history of success. Follow the progress of the team over the years. Captains and dual meet records are listed here.
See how North Attleboro has done in the Hockomock League Championships since 1986.
See how North Attleboro has done in the South Shore Invitational since 1986.
North Attleboro gets to compete twice on the Wrentham Development Center course each year starting in '06 (once in '05). The two meets are the State Coaches Invitational and Hockomock Invitational. This allows a comparison from year to year. Here is the list of all NA runners on that course.

Borderland Park


It is hard to compare runners from year to year but one measurement has been available since 1981. The Borderland Park course has been consistant. Every year runners from NA have been able to run the course from 2 to 3 times including the South Shores and Hockomock Championships. Look at all the best times NA has run at Boderland Park. (2.73 miles)

Borderland Park

Starting in 2007

In 2007 the course distance was changed to a full 5K. This starts a new All-Time Best Borderland list for North Attleboro
Special recognition is given by the Hockomock League to athletes placing in the top 7 at the Hockomock League Meet or by being one of 5 additional athletes voted in by the Hockomock League coaches. Becoming an "Hockomock League All-Star" is an exceptional accomplishment.See a list of Hockomock League All-Stars starting in 1981
Attaining "state level" status in cross-country is difficult. Of the appoximately 30 teams in each division, only the top five teams get to go on. Additional individuals are selected if they are one of the top seven runners not on a team that made it. In 1990 North Attleboro made it as a team. That team's members will be added here.See all of the people who have represented NA at the state finals.
See how the team has placed over the years in the Hockomock League Meet, South Shore Principals Meet and the State Class Meet
In 1987 the Town of North Attleboro buried a time capsule that included poems from the XC team. This started a tradition that continues today. All new members of the cross country team are expected to write a poem or story explaining what cross-country means to them. Some of the stories listed here are unsolicited and spontaneous works . These are offered as an insight to the motivation of runners and coaches.