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ST Awards - Spring Track '07

Dedicated to the one . . .

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The year was 1970, the world was in turmoil and I was a high school senior running and jumping for North Attleboro. There was unrest on college campuses (UCONN shut down early). The big issues were the Vietnam War and drugs, drugs, drugs. This was the Woodstock generation.

In '63 we'd lost JFK, closely followed by Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and our innocence. Timothy Leary uged us to "Turn on, tune in and drop out." Were the Black Panthers right? Rebellion wasn't just accepted, it was expected.


I was oblivious to most of it. All I could think about was track (maybe nothing has changed). But at least I was having a good year. I ended up going undefeated in the 200, 100 and high jump, winning the latter two at the league meet. The next year I'd head off to compete for UCONN – oh, and to take classes too!

Technology was an unheard of term. Computers took up entire rooms and were only owned by NASA, and the military. We used slide rules in chemistry class. Telephones were rotary dial and you could still share a party line.

Music was the prevalent media. Albums ran at 33.3 RPMs and singles at 45 RPMs. The oldies could still be found as 78's.

The message was in the music. We listened to Simon and Garfunkel, The Guess Who, The Jackson 5, Three Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, Badfinger, Rare Earth, Pacific Gas and Electric and BJ Thomas. Now those were singers. Lyrics were classic. For example, half the top 100 songs of the year had the word ain't in either the title or chorus (He Ain't Heavy, Ain't No Mountain High Enough).

As Tyrone Davis intoned that year, “Turn Back the Hands of Time.” Now it is time for you to roll back the clock, put on your bell bottoms, drape an arm around your "flower child" and dedicate one of the Top-100 songs of 1970 to your favorite athlete.

Dedicated to the best Captain in the league

"Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image


Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
On your way to a world that others might have missed

Julie Kent (O.A) ran hurt all spring and would get us the points we needed for a win.

lindsey booth - she is not the craziest and loudest person ever, but she sure loves franklin track and she will do anything to make it better. she works hard and encourages her teammates. she is always cheering everyone on and going to meets that she doesnt even have to run in.

Lindsey Booth (FR)- Lindsey came to practice with me even when her season was over. She comes to all the meets, even if she isn't running in it and can always be seen cheering on the sidelines or giving pep talks. If that isn't a dedicated Captain, I don't know what is

Lindsey Booth- I don't know her that well but I can tell she is definitely a great captain that leads and supports her team very well.

Kathleen Hennessey - Tooti always puts her team before herself. Her attitude was a big reason why North took the ride that others missed.

Alex Aliberti (NA) - Alex may be quiet sometimes, but when he gets going, he definitely gets going. He's fought off injuries for the past year, but that hasn't stopped him from coming back strong. He makes sure that we do what we need to. Even if he gets other North guys mad at him when he tells them to jog in between repeats, he is respected. His balance of talent, fun, and leadership makes him a great captain. He even felt that it was his duty to train with me for All-States despite him having no obligation of doing so.

Dedicated to the most supportive teammate

"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by Rufus Wainwright

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows when
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.


"Bridge Over Troubled Water" , Simon and Garfunkel  

When youre weary, feeling small,

When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;

Im on your side. when times get rough

And friends just cant be found,

Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down.

Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down.

Sara Krasney- She is the last person I talk to before the races because she really gets me motivated, and she’s the first person that I talk to after my races whether the results are good or bad. You know her heart is in it and that she truly cares. Just a simple “you know you want this. do it” before a race can get me pumped.

Sara Krasney- Sara is always the one I see on the infield cheering for me during my race. She supports her team incredibly and has such an enthusiastic spirit that can always cheer you up!

Marrah Fry

Sara Krasney- Even when you've had a pretty rough season, Sara is there to lend you some encouraging words and spread a smile onto your face. She's a veteran of track and knows what she's talking about, so you know where to go for a little advice.

Kate Beksha. Today we were talking about the meets that we were most nervous for...and she said, "I was most nervous for the North meet and I didn't even run in it." She didn't run in it because she was injured, but it shows her team spirit because she was very nervous/excited for her team because she wanted us to run well. When she was injured, she came to every practice and just watched her teammates run. She is one person I always hear screaming and cheering when I'm running.

Sara Krasney- She's always there to support her teammates. You know that she will be on the sidelines cheering everyone on, no matter how the meet is going.  

Andrew Ha (C) The kid will be cheering on his teammates right after finishing a race. even when he may not be having a good day he is sure to ignore his disappointment to cheer up another

Katy Flannery - She's so loud and boisterous that you wonder if she's for real. But then you realize she is. Katy wants everyone to do their best, and she'll comfort them when they don't.

Katy Flannery (NA) - At the Mansfield vs. North dual meet, I remember when it was the girl's 4x4 relay. Katy was right on the inside of the track screaming for her teammates. When a couple of the North guys crossed the track a little bit too late, narrowly missing the runners, she was the first to be on their backs. She definitely supported her runners

Dedicated to the most expressive athlete in the league

"Express Yourself" by Charles Wright and the Watts.

It's not what you look like, when you're doin´ what you're doin´.
It's what you're doin´ when you're doin´ what you look like you're doin´!

Express Yourself!
Express Yourself!

Dave Brescia: - If you ever wanted the opinion of a loud-mouthed 400m runner, this is your chance. He's the first to say something when things aren't going well as well as the first to be cheering when things are. You'll always know what's on his mind because frankly he expresses everything that crosses it.

Sara Krasney

Dedicated to the most cohesive relay team

United We Stand – Brotherhood of Man


For united we stand, divided we fall

And if our backs should ever be against the wall

We'll be together, together, you and I  

Franklin girls 4x4- without a doubt, they deserve this award. Every season, franklin’s 4x4 is the one to beat. Every person the team is an awesome runner- there isn’t a weak leg. Usually, when you have a rival relay team next to you during uniform checks, you try to intimidate them and get pumped for the race- but all 4 girls are so nice, we talk to them the whole time! they are so close and run so well together, but we can’t hate them. They are what a relay should be.

North Attleboro 4x100 team

franklin 4x4 - i dont know why but they are just obsessed with eachother. they work so hard and they run not only for themselves, but for eachother. their handoffs are always clean and they always cheer eachother on. even after finishing their own leg, they are screaming for the next person.

Franklin girls 4x4- Although we didn't get to place in the state meet because of the all-night party, Franklin's 4x4 is definitely the most unified and dedicated relay team in the Hock. When we aren't hanging out at track practice or the meets, we are probably hanging out together at one of our monthly sleepovers or crazy outings. Honestly, when you think of 4x4, you think of Franklin.

Franklin girls' 4x4. We have monthly sleepovers even during the non-track seasons. Is that weird? Whenever one of us is very nervous before we race in the 4x4, another member is there to help make her feel more confident. I think that the Franklin 4x4 does so well because we really want to perform our best for each other.

North girls' 4X1 is a cult. They've gone to State Finals and New Englands for seven consecutive years based on the premise that there is strength in unity. It isn't about how fast each runner is, it's about how fast they can move the baton around the track.

North Girls 4x100 team. Seeded 8th, the girls ran a season best of  49.66  to place 4^th in the State Meet. For the eighth consecutive year, North Attleboro will be sending their 4x100 team on to New England’s. It appears that year after year, it has become a matter of pride to carry on for the teams that came before and to set an example for those that will follow. The relay team exemplifies the words “Track is – working together towards a common goal”.

Norths girls 4X1.. They always have a solid 4X1 team every year... prob has to do with the chemistry of the team and the coaching

North 4x1- they have had such great success over the past few years. Going undefeated for so long just shows how cohesive they are.  

Canton 4X4. They won the 4x4 at Class C Relays with a time of 3.28.9 need i say more? There was defently chemistry there. Although they were set back from injuries if this team had the chance they surely would have turn heads at All States.

Canton 4x400 - Their team at the beginning of the season cruised through a 4x400 in 3:28. Not only did it send ripples of fear through the Hock league, but quite possibly the state. In order to run that fast, there certainly had to be some sort of connection that just worked.

Dedicated to the most unique individual in the league

Thank You (for letting me be mice elf), Sly and the Family Stone


Flamin' eyes of people fear, burnin' into you
Many men are missin' much, hatin' what they do

Youth and truth are makin' love
Dig it for a starter
Dyin' young is hard to take
Sellin' out is harder

I want to thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin

Itai Stein

Tim Keefe (FX)

And I'd vote for Itai in the most unique category

katy flannery - i dont know her very well, but just talking to her at meets makes me think that she is a great person. she is so nice to everyone and she seems like she works very hard. you dont always come across a person like her!

Keefe.. i dont know there's just something about him. It probably has to do with the hats he wore indoors. he's just unique.

Tim Keefe- I like his hat.  

Itai Stein: - Nobody else knows the Hock the way Itai does. At meets you can always see him wandering from one team's tent to another, talking to athletes and even coaches. Nobody can rival him in this aspect, and his uniqueness is unquestioned. After all, he's one of the most well-know, if not infamous names within the Hock.

Itai Stein (S) - Itai has always been one of the first kids at any meet to venture over to the other team. He knows almost everything about everybody in the league. He is not only a nice kid to have a chat with, but is quite funny too.

Dedicated to the league's top phenom (outstanding newcomer)

"We've Only Just Begun"  by The Carpenters

Sharing horizons that are new to us,

Watching the signs along the way,

Talking it over just the two of us,

Working together day to day Together.

Jenna Davidner (O.A) placed 2nd at the all New England’s in the two mile running 10:51, Double Hockomock league champion in both the mile and 2mile, Class C Champion in the 2mile, oh by the way she is a Freshman.

Christy Deininger. I don't know very much about hurdling, but I know that she is very competitive as a freshman in the big meets!

Christy Deininger

Christy Deininger- She is one of the top hurdlers in our league, class B's, and even the state. And she's only a freshman!  

Christy Deininger - Third in Hocks, 4th in Class B, she's a hurdler that will be tough to beat. The fact that she anchors the 4X100M and can triple jump nearly 31' is icing on the cake.

Im going to have to go with Davider on this... Shes a freshman and was ranked 6th nationally indoors. And easily won the 2 mile at Class C's

Dedicated to a senior going on to bigger and better things

"No Time" The Guess Who  

No time left for you
On my way to better things
No time left for you
I'll find myself some wings
No time left for you
Distant roads are calling me
No time left for you.

Steph Mac- Steph is one of those runners that, even at the end of her senior year, hasn’t peaked yet. She didn’t finish the season as a state finalist or with a school record- and she’s dying for another chance to run and prove herself. Steph’s work on the track is far from done- she’s going to make up for her tough spring season next year at tufts!

Steph MacNamara (NA) a classy runner who has brought prominence to the North Attleboro distance program.

Steph Mac- There's nothing this girl isn't good at. And next year at Tufts she's gonna shine not only in academics but also in running. She's going to have JUMBO success.

Ryan Collins

Stephanie McNamara - Steph was outstanding in distance races all year, but wait till you see what she does at Tufts next year!

Collins. The kid is so versatile anywhere from the 800 - 2mile and in college the 5k or 10k. Put him anywhere hell score points. in college they will find his specialty and he will excel. wouldn't be surprised if he went all-american his 1st year.

Bastien: Sam has a chance to be on a Relay team that can make history. As umass lowell is already making plenty of it with 2 underclassmen running sub 47's there 4X400 team has the fastest time in New England history. With hard work and determination Sam has the ability to go All-American all 4 years of college.

Sam Bastien- He is definitely going on to bigger and better things at Umass Lowell. He has big dreams and I have no doubt that he will accomplish them.

Ryan Collins (M) - Of course Ryan has to be given credit, even if he does receive it on a daily if not hourly basis. The kid is a great runner, and he deserves the recognition. I'm sure he'll go on to some bigger stuff at Virginia and I wish him good luck while he's there.

Dedicated to the most outstanding performance of the season

"Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time): by The Delfonics

Didn't I blow your mind this time, didn't I, oh
Didn't I blow your mind this time, didn't I

Didn't I do it baby... didn't I do it baby
Didn't I do it baby... didn't I do it baby

Nick Wade’s 800 at states- we all knew nick was good, we just didn’t know HOW good. Nick certainly sent a message to all of New England that he is the guy to beat next year. he has great versatility and such a good attitude- he genuinely loves to run. All his hard work during the seasons paid off in the best race he’s run (so far). But frankly, I don’t think he was surprised- he knew he could do it all along, and he knows he can run even better

Meghan Ferreira (MAN) She makes a very difficult event (110h) look effortless, in an event that one error can be disastrous, she proved this year she is not a flash in the pan, making it all the way to the All-New Englands is tremendous.

Nick Wade

Nick Wade - Nick entered the state meet as an outside chance to place. He finished with a 1:55.+ 800M win that knocked the socks off the competition.

Nick Wades 800 at Class B's- I was in shock when I saw Nick crossing the finish line in first! He only ran the 800 2 or 3 times before that and he beat some very talented and accomplished runners in our division.

Nick Wade (NA). At Class B Meet humble sophomore surprises himself and
amazes the rest of us. 

Cantons 4x4 Performance at Class C Relays.

Dedicated to a best friend

"The Wonder of You" Elvis Presley

When no-one else can understand me

When everything I do is wrong
You give me hope and consolation
You give me strength to carry on

And youre always there to lend a hand
In everything I do
Thats the wonder
The wonder of you

Lindsey Booth- she’s not even on my team, but she is one of the friendliest people in the hock. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the line against her or just walking by her near our tents- she always stops and says hi. You can tell that the franklin girls really look up to her and are so close to her.

Tom Rawlins (NA) - This kid never ceases to amaze me. Sure he isn't running a sub-5 minute mile, but he has unmeasurable heart that shines in workouts and meets. He is continuing to best his PRs while coming to practices that aren't even required. It is definitely rare to see something like that in a runner. I think it would be a safe bet to say that he is only going to continue getting better. He's definitely been a great friend, runner, and motivator.

Sara Krasney

Marrah Fry- Marrah has always been there for me over the past two years since she moved here... and now I don't want her to leave. Next year just won't be the same without Marrah's laughter on the runs. She's the one person I can always go talk to about running, school, or just anything.

Saturday's are for big meets. Who hops on the bus ready to rock!!

Dedicated to the athlete who steps it up in the big meets

"Come Saturday Morning" by the Sandpipers  

Just I and my friend (my friend)

We'll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles

And then we'll move on

But we will remember long after Saturday's gone

Michelle Sirois (OA) She brought her time down in the 400 in every big meet, Hock Champ at 59, Class C 2nd place 58.4, All States 57.3 third place. Also led the O.A Heptathlon team to a State Championship.


Almost stole the show at the Hock meet, coming in ranked 6th (slowest in the heat) and running out of the outside lane, the KP quartet went right to the front on the start of the 2nd leg and held the lead on each leg up until 20 meters to go! Finishing 2nd ahead of much more heralded teams. They then went on to get 5th at class B's with an even faster time, and qualify to the all states based on being in the top 15 times overall in the state (Brockton was the only other team to do so), and was the only Hock team to run in the all states for the 4x400m finishing 14th. Not having anyone run better than 52.7 in the regular season, and then having a team run 3:30.2 which is an average of 52.55 is really stepping it up! Can anyone not from KP name all 4 athletes(without looking it up)?

Tom King (KP) Went to Hocks, threw 48'6", next week goes to Class B's Throws personal best of 50' 1/4", gets 4th overall and earns a spot in all states. At the All State meet his throws are 51' 1.5", 50'7", 50'8", 52'7.5" (School Record), 51'8", 51'7". He threw his 6 best throws ever in the biggest meet he had ever been in, to finish 5th overall and qualify for New Englands. He is ranked 9th overall in the New England Meet.

Alix Jean Charles.... he would jump 39's in the beginning of season. But then at State meets busting out 40's like its nothing. Then at Hocks Jumped over 43 feet!! where did that come from?

Liz Malone

Liz Malone- At the Attleboro meet when it came down to the discus Liz was there to win the event and lead us to a victory. Liz is always cool and calm and you can always count on her to deliver! That's why she's a 2 time league champion. Liz definitely knows how to step it up in the big meets.

Liz Malone (NA). Literally all eyes were on the throwers at the Attleboro meet. No pressure for Liz though. She had the grace of a dancer as she threw her winning toss to seal the win for her team. She stepped up again at the Hocks, putting an exclamation point on her contributions to the team throughout the season.

Dedicated to the athlete you'd most like to change places with

"Walk a Mile in My Shoes" by Joe South

Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes

And before you abuse, criticize and accuse

Walk a mile in my shoes, shoes.

kathleen ryan - she is crazy, at running and at life! she is so fast and so funny. i love her! the best part is that she is so humble. i would love to fly around the track like she does and then brush it off like nothing happened.

Kathleen Ryan. I would love to know how it feels to be that fast!!! She's very humble, too.

Ryan Collins - Who wouldn't want to be Ryan right now!

Collins... Who wouldn't want to go to nationals?

Ryan Collins- He's had such a great track career in high school and hes going on to college for even greater success. 

John Lutkevich (M) - Does it need an explanation? I have nothing but respect for him. Oh, and his band isn't too shabby either.

Dedicated to the athlete who overcame the biggest obstacles

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (to keep me from gettin to you) by Diana Ross

Liz Malone (NA) to be the Hockomock champ in the discus while wearing a binding knee brace and to be consistently in the 100's is an amazing feat.

Paul Matz (KP) - His story has been told before, having missed all of sophomore year with a shattered leg from a motorcycle accident which needed 2 plates and 7 screws to put his ankle back together. Still has several pieces of metal holding his ankle togther (he says it gets very
cold in the winter with metal in his foot) and was able to come all the way back to run 9:51 in the 2 mile and be a hock all star all 3 seasons senior year.

Derek Ricci (Fx) - I may not know Derek personally, but anyone who reads the Dyestat forums knows a bit about him. I respect him for persevering all the way into his downgrade to the 400. Not only that, but he's stepped it up in the javelin and found a new passion.

Derek Ricc

Ricci i feel bad for the kid so many injuries he could of quit but he didnt he loves the sport of track so he picked up jav and was fairly good at it. along with being a solid 400m runner

Derek Ricci: What can I say, he suffered through injury after injury, and finally was told he could no longer run distance. I know Derek, and this must have been crushing because running was his life. When he confronted this problem did he quit? No, he simply became an
excellent javelin thrower and a solid 400m man. This award should go to Ricci for his outstanding ability to overcome obstacles that would surely crush the dreams of others.

Liz Malone- After not competing her sophomore year due to knee surgery and then coming back junior year with a huge brace she still managed to be league champion. She didn't let her brace or her injury get in the way of her goals.

Liz Malone - Liz still wears a heavy brace that limits her mobility in the circle. But she is still the repeat Hockomock champion in her event.

Dedicated to the most spirited athlete

"Spirit in the Sky" bt Norman Greenbaum

DJ Lamousnery- DJ loves track. There's no other way to put it. She has so much energy during meets and her smile lights up the track! I've never seen someone who took so much pride in wearing her teams colors. She practically wore our track sweatshirts everyday just to show how much she cared for her team!!

DJ Lamousnery- She eats, sleeps, and runs track. This girl loves the sport and I expect many visits from her next year. I truly believe it was Djerica's leadership and heartfelt pep talks before the meets that motivated our team.

definately kate beksha - i can always hear her voice cheering me on from across the track. then when i am with her cheering other people on she likes to scream every second. she even says oh they cant hear me, but she still loves to scream. when she is waiting for the baton to be handed off to her she is jumping up and down so excited and once she hands it off dead tired she screams go go go!

Kat Dixon- She always wears a smile! I love seeing her at track meets because her attitude is infectious.

David DiRico: We all know track is a hard sport, and it is one of the only sports where the competition itself is not fun. Dave looks at things differently, and gets excited for every meet. When he hears another star runner from the league will be hurdling against him, he doesn't get nervous, he becomes excited. His spirit is infectious, and even in the middle of some of the gloomiest meets he can be seen zipping around, excited as ever.

DJ Lamousnery

DJ Lamousnery - Who loves the sport and her team more than Djerica? Nobody!

DJ... shes very supportive of other teams and defently has team spirit

D.J. Lamousnery (NA). Her actions speak louder than words.

Andrew Ha (C) - I actually did not know Andrew before the Hock meet this year. He gladly took part in our little multi-team circle that was created for both body heat and just for social reasons. He's a really nice kid and I wouldn't mind getting to know him better. He was supportive of everyone and doesn't let any performance go unnoticed.

Dedicated to the undiscovered athlete who will someday amaze

"Give Me Just a Little More Time" by Chairman of the Board

Chelsea Ryan- she was a solid 800m runner for north this year, and is one of the most dedicated people on the team. Even though the season is over, I see her running all the time. she’s determined to get her times down, and she’ll definitely be well under 2:30 next year

Gabrielle DaCosta (O.A) her performance at the State Heptathlon was a great way to introduce her athletic and track talent.

Katie Czepiel- This girl works so hard but seems to be held back by injuries every season. However, when she races, she'll run until she passes out. She has so much heart and I know her enthusiasm for the sport will take her far. I can't wait to see her success because she deserves it more than anyone else! She is so sweet and I know she will definitely breakthrough in the upcoming seasons!

Mary Cole (FR) This girl beat the Freshman mile record and I'm sure she will be breaking more. She is the girl you see coming past you in the last 200 meters of the race to out kick you. She managed to get 3rd in the Hock for the mile in her first season, watch out!

Amanda McVay (KP) - many of her best times and performances were in relays so she doesn't get the attention she would in the open events. Stepped up in the Hock meet to get 2nd in the 300m hurdles, beating several girls who were ranked ahead of her. Sky's the limit!

Renee Rodrigues (KP) - Her performance in the Hocks in the 800 was listed as a "stunning" surprise by Mr. ST himself in his rundown of the meet. Went on to do even better at class B's and was limited most of the season by shin splints - watch out for next year!

Mary Cole. (Franklin) I'm pretty sure that not many people have heard this name before. But they will definitely be hearing a lot more of it next year and in the next three years. She is consistently great- running a 5:33, 5:32, and 5:29 this season. She captured the Franklin freshman mile record. She was also a member of the 4x8 team more than once because she could be counted on for a strong performance.

Max Nolan (N) - Max is seriously about to erupt. I'd expect a few heads to turn next year in cross country to ask, "Who's that North runner?!". I'd gladly tell them who he is along with his PRs. Breaking 5 minutes in the mile this season was a huge barrier that he simply smashed through. I wouldn't mind see him leading the team in 3 years. Good to know that North has some freshmen that will carry the torch.

Katie Czepiel- Katie has been injured most of the season but I know when she is healthy she will amaze people. Her hard work and dedication to the sport is just an indication of how great she will be.  


Katie Czepiel

Dedicated to the funniest athlete

"Make Me Smile" by Chicago

Brad Willox- Have you ever had a serious conversation with brad? Yeah, me neither

shannon (foxboro) - she always has a smile on and she always makes me laugh. she says the randomest things sometimes!

Kate Beksha (FR) You can always count on Kate to give you a smile, even if you don't know her.

Carolyn Udall. (NA) Our 4x4 teams talked a lot during meets since we were usually seeded right near each other, and her comments just make me laugh a lot

Kate Beksha: You make me laugh.

Nicole Matte

Nicole Matte- Always there to make me laugh in high jump. She is definitely good to have around when your having a bad day.

Brad Willox (NA) - No contest. The kid organizes a short-shorts day for some of the distance guys. He shows up to people's houses in aviators and sweatbands. That in combination with his ability to raise his voice to pitches unheard by the human ear makes him someone who you wouldn't be surprised to see on TV doing standup comedy in the future.

Brad Willox (NA)- This guy most definitely deserves this award :) I know he is my little brother, and I pretend that his antics are quite annoying, but what the heck...he IS hilarious! I don't know many guys that can pull off sweatbands, aviators, bushy hair, and homemade tee-shirts like Brad can. I see how his energy and enthusiasm on and off the track inspires his teammates and make everyone just want to laugh and have a good time running or, whatever!His sense of humor even brightens MY day! Hey, if he can make repeat miles a blast this guy deserves the title as funniest athlete :)

Brad Willox (NA) - He's always coming up with new ways to make his teammates and friends crack up. You never know what he's going to do next. Like showing up to school or practice wearing T-shirts with random names written on them. There's always laughter when Brad is around!

Of course, there were the songs that didn't make the cut for obvious reasons. Here are but a few.

"Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head" by B.J. Thomas

"Let it Be" by The Beatles

"Hitchin a Ride" by Vanity Fair

"Ball of Confusion" by the Temptations

"Lay Down" by Melanie

"Easy Come, Easy Go" by Bobby Sherman

"25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago

"Evil Ways" by Santana

"Its a Shame" by the Spinners

"Gimme Dat Ding" by Pimpkins

and finally "The Thrill is Gone" by B.B.King