10/27 Chelsea Gavilanez (NA) and Jarret Schmauder (FR) were the winners of today's middle school cross-country contest. More

9/28/04 Just a little insight into Lenny Harmon who only went out for track because he was cut from freshmen baseball - then went on to be New England champion in the 800M. With his permission I'm including both the e-mail and the poem Ireceived.

7/16/04 northrunning goes on another rant about the track and field coverage at the Olympic Trials.

7/12/04 This is the suggested summer workout that I provide for runners wanting to get in shape for cross country. I forgot to mention my favorite end of a run treat. No! I don't mean a trip to the Ice Cream Machine. It is great to end at water and go wading. The cool water aids in recovery and feels good too.

6/21/04 NAHS runners voted on a variety of subjects. Check out the funniest day, most respected rival etc.

6/18/04 The NA girls "best by class" list is published.

6/10/04 The difference between FAT and phatt is made clear in this timely analysis.

5/31/04 With so many great performers in the area and from the Hockomock League graduating, Who will fill their shoes?

5/31/04 What's up with the speedsuits?

5/19/04 Sportsmanship

5/8/04 Clarification of common high jump misconceptions

4/28/04 The Sun Chronicle article on Leah Seward

4/5/04 The statute of limitations for track offenses must be ten years. A1992 Red Rocketeer is willing to confess .

3/29/04 A story about Mel's first 4X100M

2/22/04 The Hockomock League placed strong in the state finals. Story

2/22/03 See how the ST Award nominations are proceeding.

1/29/04 There is an ever growing list of past NA sky pilots still trying to defy gravity.