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High Jump Record returned to Dwight Estey

It has been over three decades since Dwight Estey set the school high jump record. It has since been broken three times but it looks like he may soon reclaim the honor. A review of the tape used to measure Jerry Espinosa’s record eclipsing jump brings into question the legitimacy of recent records.

It appears that when Espinosa broke the record in 1980 it was measured with a faulty tape. “The 11” mark was missing on every foot,” claims Estey. “Instead of jumping 6’2.25” he only went 5’8.25”.”

Estey went on to explain why subsequent marks of Kevin Tremblay (6’7) and Phil Allessi (6’10) were also nullified. “The record Kevin broke was incorrect, so it completely invalidates the effort. And as far as PJ goes, it turns out we had the tape measure reversed so we were measuring in centimeters, not inches. I always wondered how he jumped high with no form. It was really two feet eight inches!”

When asked how it could be that Allessi won the state championship if he only jumped 2’8” Estey’s terse reply was “Weak year!”