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Unbelievably, picking a top 10 is easier than picking a top 50. If the criteria is ability, versatility, performance, durability and dedication to the sport there are a few names that come immediately to mind. Given North's incredible history of success, joining this list will be harder than at most schools. Think about these criteria. A person would have to have:

This group had it all. They had versatility, scored points at a rate beyond their peers, competed at the highest level of the sport available to them and held both the respect and fear of their peers.
Phil Allessi (6'10", outstanding hurdler, outstanding long jumper, #1 scorer all-time)
Nick Wade 800M State Champion twice, New England Champion once, School records in the mile and 800M, #2 all-time in 400M
Chris Sullivan (State and New England champion in shot put, a top 10 career scorer, still holds 2 school records)
Jerry Espinosa (State final level in both HJ and 300MH, #2 all-time scorer)
Lenny Harmon (Still holds 800M and TJ records, New England Champion in 800M)
Latif Thomas (Class B state 400M record, 2nd in New England, 2 school records, top 10 all-time scorer)
Marcus Vaughn 110MH and 300MH record holder, State Champion 100MH
Steve Metz First state Class winner, 440 yd. record stood for a long time, also an outstanding sprinter, first athlete over 200 career points)
Marc Lefebvre State Champion in Shot , #2 in New England Shot, #2 all-time NA Shot Put

Jessie Austin

1997 State Champion and the school record holder in Jav - 203'8
Performers 11 - 30
Barely a notch below the top seven, this group established a standard of excellence by long held marks or unique accomplishments that remain unduplicated. They are listed alphabetically.
  Ted Barrett 100M Dash record holder and one-time 200M record holder
  Pat Beith Top 5 in three categories and high career point totals
  Larry Brunell Class Champion in 440 yd. and after 30+ years is still #2 all-time
  Chris Deschenes Top 10 in all-time scoring and triple winner in league meet
  Dwight Estey 1970 went undefeated in three events 100,200,HJ, unbeaten in any event until state finals, won Class, 3rd in state finals HJ
  Ethan Estey Member of 5 (now 4) school relay records, #2 all-time 800M, fastest leg of New England #4 4X8, 4 time all-hock outdoors
  Jason Feid #2 All-Time Jav 191'10, 5th in State Decathalon
  Matt Feid #4 all-time scorer and top 5 in 100-200 and 400, School records 4X1, 4X2
  Rick Johnson Held both 110MH and long jump records. Top 5 all-time in three events
  Paul LaCasse Pole vault record holder, Class champion, 2nd in state finals
  Mike McCarthy High career point total, 21'+, 41', and star sprinter
  Paul Medeiros Star sprinter in early years, First over 100 points in a season, First New England competitor
  Mark Newport #3 all-time in discus and top flight sprinter
  Darren Nixon Long Jump record holder despite multiple ACL surgeries, twice New England competitor
  Ron Ouimet Held shot record for over 25 years, First 50'er
  John Perkoski (60) Held three records. 20'7 under those conditions! Would still be competitive!
  Steve Robertson Third over 100 points in a season, could pick any of 6 events to win, handicapped by three event limit
  Kevin Tremblay #4 All-Time in scoring and a school record 6'7 in HJ
  Jeff Wnek Set mile record in 1971 that is still only .6 off the current record.
  Jay Wood Only Alberto Salazar kept Jay from being indoor and outdoor 2mile champ. No one else from NA has ever been close


With 29 down who are the next 30?

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