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Cut From the Same Cloth Award

Who do you picture as being cut from the same cloth as an older sibling?

Shayne Collins. He always gives it his all in any race I've seen him run. I think he will fill the shoes of his older brother, and push himself to fulfill his own potential.

Kevin Meagher (MN)--The other talented Mansfield siblings. Brother Matt is running great for Stonehill and sister Katie runs for Merrimack. Kevin is a smart, serious hard-working athlete just like Matt. It's like deja vu at Mansfield (Matt/Ryan; Kailin/Katie; Kevin/Shayne)

Shayne Collins (Mansfield) - This award seems to be tailored for Shayne. He's already following in the footsteps of his older brother, Ryan, showing himself to be one of the best freshman runners in the state. Considering the family he comes from, it's obvious that he's going to have the dedication and work ethic to succeed. And my, what a marvel his high school running career will be!

Shayne Collins (M) - He's got it pretty made. People already fear both the last name AND the first name. He's sub 17, and will probably be demolishing various time barriers indoor. Speaking on behalf of my team, I really want to race him! Who knows what he's going to whip out next!

Shayne Collins (M)- Hands down, Shayne gets this award. He looks and runs just like his older brother, and he only has one season under his belt. A lot is expected from him, but I have a feeling that he has even higher expectations from himself- it seems to run in the family.

Julie Binney (OA) Julie not only followed in Stacie's footsteps, she improved on them.

Julie Binney- perhaps the best of the Binney family (Stacey and Dave)
a tremendous competitor who literally helped the girls win the Hocks
in a very close race against Franklin. On most teams she would be the
number one runner. Julie accepted her role and did whatever it took for
her team to win.

The Extra Mile Award
Who goes above and beyond the rest in chasing excellence?

Kathryn Czepiel. Czep mentally and physically devotes herself to running. She’s been running since xc of her freshman year, and her love for running has only grown. She takes on any challenge thrown at her, and never gives up. Czep is always willing to do the work with a positive attitude, and is determined on improving. She provides a great role model for all her teammates.

John Dacey - Only being a junior, he has risen to a spot that most only dream of being. John Dacey finished only 11th his previous year with a somewhat modest time. He has run the extra mile time and time again to prepare himself for excellence this past year. Many times he would run home after practice from the high school, after declining offers for rides from many people. He has run the extra mile time and time again, and he has reaped from what he has sewn.

Andrew Erwin (MN)--extremely hard working, sometimes too hard! Being home-schooled...Andrew often runs the "extra miles" or so back and forth to MHS

Jess Pickett (OA) - This has to go to Jess. How else could she have gotten so close to Jenna? She must have worked hard all summer.

Greg Payne (NA) - Ah Greg. While he may workout 20 times a day and eat a diet that would kill most super models, Greg knows how to conduct his business. He puts an amount of effort in one race that is unmatched by most runners in their whole high school career. All his summer mileage and positive speeches shave those seconds off one by one, making him a feared runner in the Hocks.

Greg Payne (NA)- As soon as spring track ended last year, Greg started preparing for cross country. His level of dedication is ridiculous- few could match it and most don’t understand it. Throughout the entire season Greg never took his eye off prize- he knew what he wanted, and he did whatever he could to get there.

Alysse Rocco (CT). She has been a consistent contender
each year and has helped the team be a threat the last four years.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Award
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Elvis Has Left the Building Award

Which graduating athlete do you wish could come back for a curtain call?

How about a senior "Coach" who is leaving the building- there are many undiscovered runners wishing this nominee would not leave the building- could it really be as fun to stop all the young runners on the Wellfleet beaches and roads to ask them if they have thought about competing in cross country and track- I nominate Coach Estey

Steph Moses. Steph was shaving seconds off her time throughout the season, and if it wasn't for injury, she would have continued to do so. With another chance, I think she would have an amazing race. However, with winter track ahead of her, I believe she'll have her chance to amaze us all.

Frank May - From past experience, I know that Frank is one of the hardest working runners of anyone I know. He has so much more potential to be untapped. I wish he continues his running career next year to see what kind of potential he can unleash.

Mike Bolea (MN)--After dealing with mono last spring, he was really looking forward to his senior xc season. A severe case of bursitis in the hip could not have come at a worse time. His presence would have helped the team scores for Mansfield at EMass and even more so at All-States.

Greg Payne - (NA) - Greg is just finding his stride. Imagine what one more year would bring.

Jessica Pickett - (OA) - Pickett has put in four great years and this is definately her best.

Mike Bolea (M) - With Mike's recent knee injuries, his chances of shining aren't as great as they could be. Everyone knows how good of a runner he really is. He broke 10 in the deuce indoor as a junior. He's managed to pick up countless 1st and 2nd place finishes in his career as a high schooler. I wouldn't mind seeing him in his prime racing against all the other teams. Maybe Whitman-Hanson would be in for a run for their money...

Amanda Parker(NA) I would love to see what she could do with
another year under her belt.

Frank May (FR) - It’s obvious that he’s one of the hardest working guys in the league. A couple freak accidents in his races set him back a bit, but he kept plugging along. He’ll have some awesome races indoors when there are no fences to attack him!

Lianne Swanson (FR) – Lianne has struggled through injuries in the last few years, but she really came into her own this season. She is a strong runner and seems to be the backbone of the Franklin team. And she’s not done yet!

Diamond in the Rough Award

Who has the goods to be a star, and just needs to be honed into shape?

Lauren Cubberly. Lauren came into her first season of xc as a junior willing to put in the work and run her hardest. She has made huge improvements from her first race to last, and I think will continue to see more improvements as she runs through the next two seasons of track. Her devotion and determination will lead her success and PRs.

Patrick McGowan (MN)--To quote"Where did this kid come from?" In his first year of XC he became Mansfield's #3 runner in Mike Bolea's absence, and helped them finish high in the really big meets. He finished 21st at Divisions and 3rd in the sophomore race at the MSTCA Invitationals! Can you picture him in the next couple years? He'll definitely be a threat in the future.

Alex Kostaras- Alex is the girl who from week to week is able to whittle down her times. And judging from the pace at which she's improving I know she'll soon have something big to show

Matt Henry (FR)--Ran 2 great Frosh races at Bay State and MSTCA, just has to make the jump to 5K

Sara Loftus (O.A) She
really stepped it up this year and became a force to be reckoned with
all season.

Mary Cole - (FR) - Mary is in her first year and she's flying. Did you see her at the State Meet? Imagine how good she'll be when she gets the hang of it.

Ryan Collins (MN) - Where did Mansfield dig up another one? He doesn't have too many rough edges.

Lindsey Walsh - (ST) - Lindsey is only a freshman but she runs with the "big dogs". She puts everything into her races.

Lindsey Walsh (ST) - This girl is going to be good. She mostly flew under the radar during the xc season, but she’s definitely a solid runner. I think that once she has more experience she’ll be a real threat indoors.

Allie Kirsch - (SH) - Allie gets better with every meet. A month ago no one even knew her name. Now she's a Hock All-Star. Two more years and she'll be a real gem.

Max Nolan (NA) - He's coming, I promise! After spending a week at Foss Running Camp in the summer, he managed to shed seconds like nobody's business. This kid is going to be good. As North's 3rd/4th runner (depending on Willox's gag reflex), he's holding the team together. He's ready for indoor.

My Brother's  Keeper Award

Whether it is a kind word, a helpful running tip or someone to push you through a workout, this person is “always there for you”.

Sara Kraz-you will never find a runner that cares more about her team than kraz does. She does everything she possibily can for her team, and treats us all like family. From her attitude, you would never know that she had to sit out her last xc season because of injury. There's no doubt she was dying inside- but she put her team before herself and had a positive attitude that spread to the whole team

Sara Krasney. Sara always knows how to cheer on and encourage her teammates. Even though being injured for her last xc season was hard on her, she still managed to put on a smile each day at practice and encourage her teammates. That takes real strength.

Sara Krasney- Sara is extremely selfless, on top of her busy schedule at school; she always makes time for her team and friends. Day after day you will see her staying long after practice offering rides home or standing to the sidelines cheering, or maybe even spritzing water on her teammates.

Pat Slight (Fr) One speech after another Pat continues to motivate his team in ways that leave even coaches speechless. He will do anything to put a smile on the face of his team and just has the desire to help his team in anyway possible. He cheers louder than anyone I have ever heard and you can just tell he has a passion for the sport and what he is able to contribute.

Sara Krasney - (NA) - Even though Sara was hurt most of the season she was the best captain I've ever had. She really cares about her team.

Bob Clarke Stoughton coach: No one has as much passion for the sport or for his team. In years when they couldn't field a team Bob has been there constantly praising and building a
competitive team.

Cool as a Cucumber Award

Who do you think best handles stress before races?

Amanda Parker. Whenever I feel nervous before a workout or race I know I can always look to Amanda to settle my nerves. Her intense attitude is always directed in a clam and focused manner, a skill I think is the hardest to master in running. Amanda always knows how to stay in control, and use her nerves to make her perform her best.

Amanda Parker- I have yet to ever see Amanda Parker nervous. Not to say she does not care or never worries about a race, I know she does. But being the leader she is, she never shows concern. In this way, Amanda radiates confidence and helps relax her teammates, while getting down to business and running pr's.

John Dacey - Even before Hocks, I got to pull him aside for a minute and ask him how he felt. He was so relaxed about the race to come. I wanted to know if any of the pressure was getting to him, but I knew by his composure that he was ready to go out there and give it his all.

Nick Wade - (NA) - It must be confidence, but it seems he isn't worried about other runners. They sure are worried about him!

John Dacey (F) - Wow. He's always in the zone for each race. I mean seriously, he only won Hocks. No biggie. With his stolid running facial expression, he managed to slip by some early radar on Dyestat. Now everyone knows who he is!

Kathleen Ryan (Fr) a constant
threat who is always at the top in big meets.

World is Your Oyster Award

Who do you think, “has it made” – and why?

Steph Mac- i second this award haha, she is AMAZING!!!

Kathleen Ryan. She clearly gives it her all in any event she runs, and with an attitude like that, and the talent she possesses, Kathleen will be unstoppable.

Steph Mac!!!

John Dacey - Once again, he is Hock champ --- as a junior. He gives it his all every race, and when he comes out on top, or close to it, he still remains humble. For that reason, he has earned the rerspect of runners all across the League. John Dacey has had an excellent cross country season and I am anxious to see his level of performance in the coming track seasons.

John Dacey (Fr) Only a junior and already hockomock league champion. He takes everything in stride and delivers a better proformance every time he steps out onto a course. He is respected by all not for what he does but how he handles himself. He is one of the most least selfish people you'll ever meet. I'm sure he will only get better and better as he will rap up his final season at Franklin next year. But for now he has most certainly made it.

Julie Collins - I know that these awards are meant for athletes, so I don't really expect my nominee to get this award. But I have to nominate Mansfield Coach Julie Collins for this award. The Mansfield boys team is the envy of the Hock, and justifiably so. It hasn't lost a league championship since my freshman year (back in 2002!). They say that you reap what you sow. My, what a harvest the Mansfield boys team has been for Coach Collins!

Jenna Davidner (OA)--I watched this young runner with NO FEAR jump out into the lead almost every race. Who could forget her charging up the Mtn. last year at Northfield in the lead as a freshman. She's a great talent with a bright future.

Jenna Davidner - (OA) - This has to be Davidner. Only a sophomore and she owns the Hockomock League.

Jenna Davidner (O.A) A runner who has done more in two years that most do
in four and the scary part is that she is only going to get better.

Mike Moverman (OA) - He already has a well known name in the state. With phenomenal finishes at the state meets each year, he can only continue his success. His only issue resides in his injuries. If he hangs on without injury next year, he's going to be a major threat at every level.

Kathleen Ryan (FR) - she excels at everything, from a 100m race to a 3 mile race! Over the last three years she has dominated the league and earned everyone’s respect- she’s proven that there’s nothing she can’t do!