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ST Awards  - Cross Country '08

The ST Awards are given out yearly to athletes who have distinguished themselves in specific and sometimes non-traditional ways. Since spring of '03 I've endeavored to create interesting and unique categories. Cross Country seems to always bring out my creative side. Perhaps it's the epiphany that comes on a long run when I'm left to the solitude of my own company. Strange things happen when left alone within the vast empty cavern of my own mind.


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I hate to repeat ideas and have been unhappy with some of my latest brainstorms. Then I stopped off at the grocery.


I was on the way home to grab some hummus and eggplant. It suddenly hit me that distance runners are missing out on a great way to get exposure. Nobody knows good nutrition the way distance runners do. Why not start promoting the connection by having distance runners endorse food? So, help me pitch this idea! I'll give you the product – you give me the Hock athlete who would best represent the product!!


For those of you that are new to this game – there are very few rules. Nominations can come from anybody and be for anybody. But if they are inappropriate they will never see the light of day. It is also best to give some reasoning. If you just put the name it will be difficult for them to become a prestigious “ST AWARD WINNER!!”

Celestial Tea  

Calmest Athlete or Coach

Things can get pretty wild in school. But after second period each day I dig into my right hand drawer and extract a little bit of nirvana. I brew up a cup of Celestial Tea Tension Tamer and I'm good for the rest of the day. After me, who's the calmest person you know?

Coach Mike Atwood (Foxboro)--always gabbing and unfazed on meet day

Jenna Davidner - I guess it stems from knowing that you're always going to win. Before every meet she looks so calm!

Jenna Davidner - Not that I know her personally, but as the previous nominator put it, Jenna can probably relax knowing she has the race in the bag. I will be extremely interested to see how far things take her, especially if she continues to improve at a similar rate.

jenna davidner: I don't know her too well but when i see her on the starting line, there isn't an emotion in her face. Meanwhile most of us are shaking and trembling before the gun goes off, but she's so relaxed.

Lucky Charms

Most Superstitious

You know the type. They wear the same lucky socks to every meet. They have to tie their shoes a special way. They eat honey before races, listen to the same psyche tape, have to be the last one on the starting line – or as one runner I knew – kiss her race shoes during stretching. Don't sugar coat it! Let me know who has the wildest superstitions.

No nomination...Luck has no part of a 5K XC race :)

Katie O Koren (FR)- Katie is very superstitious when it comes to racing. On the bus she has to sit on the outside seat next to Aubree and listen to Our Song by Taylor Swift (on the way home she sits on the inside). She wears the same type of socks and the same sports bra every race. She takes about 5 minutes to tie her shoes because she must do it a certain way. Also, she checks the entire team and herself about 5 times to make sure we don't have any jewelry on before a race. She must do 3 jumps before the race too!

Nick Wade- He has some weird obsession with mountain dew and Papa Gino's.

Katie O'Koren (FR)- she sleeps with her uniform on the night before a race, always has to wear different colored socks from the same brand, ties her shoes and certain way, and has to do the same number of jumps before the race. I'm pretty sure she does some other crazy things too!

John Dacey I am a close friend of John so i have no problem in embarrassing his superstitions. All of this is 100% true and 200% embarrassing to know.First he must get a haircut on Thursday , precisely 2 days before his meet on Saturday. Since freshman year he hasn't given back his uniform, and he only washes it when he does poorly..and knowing john that doesn't happen too much. Then before a race he must listen to his Ipod play list labeled "run hard, run fast" containing the songs, "I will Always Love you" - by Whitney Houston, "bye bye bye" by N-Sync and "tear drops on my guitar " by Taylor Swift...ya i don't get it either but it works doesn't it? Now its race time and the superstitions are still we get to the line he must spit for a solid minute straight to get out the bad juices? i just know to avoid the front of him at this time.. and lastly he does this crazy thing, when the gun go off he has this superstition of crossing the line first and winning the race..ya i know, he's crazy.

Brad Willox - Yes, he may be gone but come one will EVER live up to his obsessive Pop Tart tattoos.

amanda parker: i know her very very well, and she is sooo superstitious its crazy. she always wears the same lucky tye dye tshirt over her uniform before running, and the same sweats every meet. And if i remember correctly, the same socks haha

Home Pride Bread

Most loves school and team

I'm pretty sure there will be a “hands down” winner on this one. I don't think there ever was a person who wore his/her school pride more openly than the one I have in mind. But I'll listen to reason. Tell me who your school's biggest supporter is and if you convince me they will become the ST Award Home Pride spokesperson!

Katie Czepiel- Katie supports her team in every imaginable way. She wears her pride openly with her vast running wardrobe and goes above and beyond to prove to the team she is always there for them. She was the best captain we could ask for :)

Pat Slight (FR)- He gives the most intense pump-up speeches I have ever heard. He never misses a meet, even if he is not competing. He inspires his team and always tries his best for the team.

Pat Slight - I feel that hands down home pride bread should go to Pat Slight. He has to be one of the most friendly atheletes in the Hock. It's with great pride that I can say I am a team mate of his and his amazing pump up speeches I'm sure have pushed us to several victories through out the years. You can truely see his love for the sport and his love for the team every time he steps out on the course or pushes us threw the last 800 of a workout. He loves his team and this great sport with out a doubt Home Pride Bread was made to be labeled Pat Slight.

Kevin Meagher (MN)--The Mayor of MHS. Involved in everything Hornet related

nick wade: he is one of the proudest north runners i know. Although he's hurt he is still commited 100% to his guys and tried his hardest to help them out.

Pat Slight - I frequently pride myself on my little "pump up" speeches to the guys on my team, but in all truth, Pat Slight puts me to shame. As the designated spokesman for his team, Pat is rather difficult to ignore at the start line. He's an all around good guy and I have no doubt that his teammates recognize it in him.

Pat Slight - I'm a parent of a franklin boys runner.  Looking over all your awards it seems one person comes to mind for me.  That is my sons Captain Pat Slight.  He is outstanding with the boys and is a true leader and really represents what Franklin is all about.  I nominate him for Home Pride Bread, as well as Friendlies Ice Cream.  Looking at him he is so proud to put that uniform on and wheres it with grace.  He will take any chance he gets not to tell you who he is but where he is from.  And Friendlies Ice Cream because if you watch him finish he is the first to congradulate the other team and even the other teams coaches he doesn't care where people are from but he relizes that everyone is in it together.  I think this is a great idea and I compliment you on your fantastic website and I wish you the best of luck in retirement!

Katie Czepiel - Katie really believes in her team. It doesn't matter whether they win or lose. She's still proud to wear the red and white.

Friendlies Ice Cream

Best friend from another team

Ten years ago I might not have even considered this a viable category. Other teams are the enemy! You can respect them - but freindship? That seemed counter-intuitive. I've learned the truth behind the saying, "Your best friend can be your enemy and you're biggest enemy can be your friend." I consider some of the rival athletes and coaches within the league my best friends.

Who are your top picks? Now that I'm leaving the realm of coaching I'll also be listing mine!

Mansfield Boys Team - The support of the Mansfield boy's team was probably the best surprise I had at State's last weekend! When I came into the final 500 meters of the race, they were lining the course screaming "Go OA!" You can't imagine how uplifting that is! They certainly deserve that state

Kathleen Ryan is one of those athletes who you enjoy racing against, not only because she has incredible talent (paired with an incredible kick) but also because she is a friendly and gracious opponent. I can't think of a race I ran against her when she didn't immediately congratulate the runners around her. It's been a honor to compete against her, and the Hock will certainly miss her next year!

All Hock Runners- Everyone from the hockomock league is very supportive of each other and is always cheering the other teams on. Some of the friendliest people are Kathleen Ryan (FR), Julie Binney (OA), Lindsey Walsh (ST), Alicia Kelly (ST), Katie O Koren (FR), the North team, and Oliver Ames. Also, at divisionals and all states the teams were very supportive of each other and congratulated everyone. I am proud to say I am from the hockomock league!

Katie O'Koren- She has always been extremely nice and habitually greets her competition with a warm smile on her face :)The Franklin Team- Every time I see the Franklin Team they are nothing but smiles. Both the girls and boys teams are very polite and always have great sportsmanship!

Lindsey Walsh (ST)- Lindsey always offers her congratulations after every race and wishes everyone luck before the race. She gives everyone support even if you are not on her team.

Christian Bates (CN--congrats on qualifying for All-State) and Pat Slight (FR)--2 friendly guys

kathleen ryan: I don't know her too well, but when i see her or talk to her she is so so friendly. She treates everyone like you're on her team and supports you no matter what

John Dacey - He's a character. Part of an all-around good team, John stands out as an approachable competitor who can still potentially leave you sucking wind.

Christian Bates - I must say Christian Bates (CHS) as the Friendliest of the Friendlies.........

The Sharon Team - I don't know if it really fits the category of best friends but when reading the description the entire Sharon team came to mind. I always knew runners were friendly but when my team raced against Sharon i was blown away by how friendly and supportive they were to the rival teams! and i'm sure this wasn't a one time thing because at hocks they were the same way. They deserve some recognition!

Pat Slight - He's everyones friend

Nick Wade - Sometimes I'm not sure which team he's on. Nick supports everyone no matter what color uniform they wear.

Comet Cleanser

Best finishing kick

If you jog the race it isn't too hard to have a finishing kick. But who puts the pedal to the metal for 3.1 and still strikes fear into the hearts of those who can hear footsteps closing from behind like a streaking comet? While you're at it you might mention the most memorable finish you've witnessed this year.

Lindsey Walsh (ST)- Lindsey has one of the best kicks I have seen! She gives everything she has left in the last 100 of a race. I am always scared when I am with her at the end of a race because I know she will not let up. She has the determination to do her best and when it comes to the end of a race she is determined to finish as strong as possible. Did you see her at the hock jamboree? or hock championships? She had unbelievable finishes!

Alexandra Kostaras- Mullet never holds back. Whether it be in a workout or a race, she knows how to keep the pace fast. Then when it comes time to put the pedal to the metal, she finds that extra gear to finish strong.

Julia Krasney- The most memorable part of all of Julia's races is the finish. No matter how tired she is, she always finds it within herself to give one last push for the finish.

Julie Binney (OA): Without a doubt, I would never want to be near this girl within even the last 800m of a race. You think she'd be done after three miles or so, but she continually blows away whoever she's with when it comes down to the wire. Did you see her last year at Hocks? (ed. note : Yes I did. Who could miss it?) Did you see her THIS year at Hocks? As long as she hasn't yet crossed that finish line, you know she's going to give it her all.

Mike Moverman (OA)--we have yet to see his famous kick since he has gone unchallenged all season long,but after watching the last 200m of the mile at the spring All-State Championships, you know he can. Too bad the All-State Meet in XC is not ONE race.

max nolan: Max is juuust starting to peak, and by peak i mean OWN. haha when max finishes his races he's all for nothing. He gives it his all and usually collapes after he crosses the finishing line.

Madison Botsch - Yes, Madison Botsch. Quite possibly the most dedicated North Attleboro runner, Madison has defied all expectations and improved consistently throughout the season. Madison also happens to possess a rather unique sense of humor - just talk to him for 30 seconds and you'll probably hear about his various escapades. Additionally, if you want to see his kick in action check out a photo at:

Science has proven it to be economically, socially, and athletically superior.

Tums Antacid

Athlete most likely to give the opponent indigestion

They give you insomnia. They make your stomach churn. They are the nightmare you can't wake up from. Who ties your stomach in knots and leaves you sleepless?

Jenna Davidner (OA)- no one in the league has a chance against her!

Coach Judy Copley (OA)--watching her run around on meet day, if she put on a pair of spikes she'd
probably score for OA.

jenna davidner: Although she's clam before her face, she is pretty intimidating too ..

Shayne Collins - I don't know if its just the name or the fact that he's gotten so good so fast. When I have to run against him I feel sick.

Shayne Collins - The name, the speed, the training. Game over.

A1 Steak Sauce

The Top Athlete – with some flare!

There's hamburger and then there's steak. There's average, good and great. I should know.


Back when I was playing high school basketball as a 6'0” center I spent some quality time sitting the bench. My buddies and I would wait for the call. When I heard, “Hey Dwight, go in for Peter (he was 6'6")” it was official. The hamburger squad was on the court. The steak players had already won, lost or gotten in foul trouble.


Who is better than plain old steak? Who's our A1 Steak Sauce representative?

Max Nolan- Max is one of the top runners at North and has the potential to become even faster and stronger over the next year. Even while crossing the finish line way ahead of the competition, he makes it look easy. This kid is the real A1 Steak Sauce Representative!

Max Nolan- Max is an outstanding distance runner and really had his chance to shine this season. He improved his time and provided the league with tough competition. The best part is that he still has so much potential.

Mary Cole (FR)- Mary has been getting better with every meet this season. Mary has the talent, the determination, and the attitude a cross country runner needs to be successful. Definitely A1!

Jenna and Mike (OA)--2 potential State Champs from same town in the same sport. What's in the OA water or should I say OA steak sauce.

Mary Cole - from Franklin for the the A1 steak sauce award. Mary Cole has burst onto the XC scene and has become a dominating runner in just a blink of the eye. Its one thing to train for four years and start winning as a senior but with just 1 season of XC experience she has proved to be a force in the hock league. You want flare? how much more flare do u want for a junior runner with 1 year under her belt coming in 8th at class b's and 4th at hock champs beating out a ton of 4 year letter winners at both meets?? She is no ordinary generic steak sauce...she is high quality, unbelievable, unbeatable A1 steak sauce.

mike moverman: he's just ridiculously good, i love watching him run he's just amazing

Mike Moverman - He's always been A-1 but now that he's aged Mike is even better. But hold the steak sauce. Why ruin a prime cut?

Mike Moverman - No contest. Easily the best competitor in the Hock right now. The scary thing is that he is no where near his potential yet. College for this kid is going to fly by. I cannot wait to see him in Reggie.

Smartfood Popcorn

The Genius of the Hockomock

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there's some very smart people out there. Some are parents, some are coaches and some are athletes. If you wanted the difinative answer to a running question - Who would YOU ask?

Siobhan Duffy (FR)- She always knows what is going on. Whether it is who the best runner from each team is, the time the race goes off, the rough patches on the course, or simply the best place to buy shoes, Siobhan knows it all.

ALL the Hock XC athletes--everyone who's been around the sport long enough knows that Cross Country Teams typically have the highest GPA's of all HS sports (I concur with this analysis - NA's scholar-athlete award most oftewn goes to an XC athlete)

Ed Connor - I would like to nominate Mr. Ed Connor as a "Genius of the Hockomock". He has a wealth of running knowledge from a lifetime of experience, and is always happy to share his advice with not only the members of the OA Cross Country team, but also beginning runners everywhere. The OAXC program is always grateful for his help and support!

Kathleen Ryan - The few times I have interacted with her culminated in intelligent and interesting conversation. Being an academically inclined athlete will certainly help her with college recruiting. I will be surprised if she does not end up at a top national university in a great running program.

Nick Wade - I heard Nick is going to go to Cornell. The only thing he spends more time studying science is track. So if I had a running question I think I'd go to Nick first.

Mr.Estey: If i EVER had a running question i would go to him. He knows every statistic, every workout, and pretty much everything about running.

Mr. Estey- Coach Estey is an endless source of running information. His experience as a runner, coach, and just his genuine compassion for the sport make him the optimal choice to bring any question to.