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ST Awards - Indoors '07

And the category is . . . Natural Phenomena. It's only natural that year after year the Hockomock produces phenomenal athletes. I'm not just talking in a performance sense – although I could. Look at the top performances in the state. You'll find quite a few athletes who spend time on Saturdays running circles in the Franklin Field House – and giving me nightmares – and causing me to lose hair. The good news is that soon I'll either be retired or have lost all my hair. Then Beksha can't pick on me any more.

More than performances, the Hockomock showcases phenomenal people. The attitude between teams is a rare mix of respect, camaraderie and intense competition. We field great scholars and athletes of the highest character. On to the awards!

Thunder and Lightening  

What duo holds the perfect combination of flash and power?

This category is for two athletes from the same team. The first must shine - a flash of brilliance that overtakes the field house and makes everyone else on the track look like a 40-watt bulb. The second evokes power, either a sudden crack that makes your hair stand on end or that growing rumble that overtakes all in its path. First the dazzle – then the noise! Marvel at the beauty then cower in fear.

This has to be Collins and Lutkevich. The two went 1 and 2 at the elite meet mile, putting down some crazy times. Lutkevich is an animal in everything he does. Collins broke a 20 year old meet record by quite a bit, and is a state champ. Case closed.

Kathleen Ryan and Lindsey Booth- Put them both in a race and you can pretty much guarantee a 1-2 finish. They are nice to everyone, but when it comes to running they destroy the competition.

Glavin and Ferreira a mixture between quick and brute; and smooth and fluid

Tough decision but I believe I'll give it to the Mansfield Sophomores 4 Hock championships between Ferreira and Glavin, Hockomock representation at the All-State meet, they'll be the best the hock has ever had.

Conte-Callahan – They placed 1/3 at Hocks, 1/4 at the D2 Meet, and 2/3 at All-States. A very deadly 1-2 punch

Elijah Harris and Anthony Sherman-This is the other North sprints/throws combo. If Harris is the lightning in the dash, Sherman must be the Thunder-it follows right after, then brings the noise (in shot). Besides,how many All-State shot putters also ran a 23 high 200?

I nominate Meghan Fereira and Dan Glavine for the Thunder and Lightening award. Not only were they both Hockomock League champions, Division 2 champions, Freshman-Sophomore meet champions (both re-writing the meet records, in times that will be very tough to beat), but they both also placed in the top 4 in the All-State meet. Meghan is without a doubt the 80 watt bulb, her not winning a race, no matter the competition, is a surprise. And after each throw that Glavine has his yells just attract attention from all over the fild house, whether it be a shock or surprise or an annoyance, it must get the job done. The remaining 5 track seasons for these sophomores should be fun to watch.

After reading the nomination for Hennessey and Achin, I had to write in to suggest Meghan Ferreira and Dan Glavin. They also got two firsts. Noone is quicker than Meghan in hurdles and noone makes more noise than Dan.

Kathleen Hennessey and Kelsey Achin - Call it lightening and thunder, because you see the lightening first. Kathleen flashed to a PR and unbelievable Hockomock Championship. Then Kelsey provided the thunder on her last throw by socking away another 33' throw to also win. They provided NA with a double win. They're the Big Red equivalent to "shock and awe!"

Beth Muller and Sam Bastien - Beth Muller is quick as lightening. Sam Bastien never goes unheard.

John Lutkevich and Ryan Collins because of course they are bound to get some sort of award and when they run, everyone stops what they are doing and just watches in complete awe. Their dynamic performances only increased when they run together such as at the Coach's Elite in the mile.

Clearly this one belongs to John Lutkevich and Ryan Collins. Just reading this year's theme, "Natural Phenomena", I immediately thought of these two. Ryan Collins, 17th at nationals in cross country, just broke a 20-year old record in the 2-mile, a week after running a 4:23 mile at the Coaches Elite meet. While Lutkevich hasn't broken any league records (although he did break the Mansfield High School record in the mile) he has an amazing range, as shown by his ability to win the 600 by 3 seconds,in addition to his 4:22 mile at Coaches Elite and his invaluable contribution to Mansfield's 4x400 relay teams this season. These two are a force to be reckoned with.

I think Matt Callanan and Peter Conti deserve some recognition. They pack a powerful 1-2 punch in the hurdles.

Kathleen Ryan and Lindsey Booth-Franklin Between the two of them lies Hockomock titles in the 600 and 1000,Class B 1000 title and 400 title outdoors and we are not finished yet. When they are on the samerelay team, very few have been able to beat them. Its tough on you if your ahead when they get the baton and nearly impossible to catch if your behind. One has run 2.20 and the other 2.17 and believe me, that time is going to drop. They are a BIG reason FHS won the indoor title this year. They are responsbible forusually more than 15 points a meet.

Nick Wade and Rob Sheehan- Lutkevich and Collins are unbelievable, no doubt, but no one is going to forget Wade and Sheehan’s tag-team performance at Hocks. They worked together to keep Keefe from getting first, and got North the needed points in order for them to get 2nd overall. Both guys run as one unit, especially in races to get the points that their team needs- Rob sets the pace and stays steady throughout the race, and Nick has his incredible kick at the end. Together, they’re unbeatable. Both great teammates, they don’t compete against each other, but rather compete together for their team. When one guy wins the race, the other isn’t mad about it, but instead is happy for his teammate’s PR. Whenever Wade and Sheehan get the chance to run a relay together, they light up the track like they did in their record-breaking 4x800 a few weeks ago. The two bring the perfect combination of fresh talent- Nick just began running for North since he moved from the Netherlands- and experience- Rob’s been running 3 seasons since his freshman year. These two aren’t done yet. Keep an eye out for them at State’s and in Spring- you’re sure to see some amazing performances.

Kathleen Ryan and Lindsey Booth
– These two are my favorite people to compete against. Not only are they both incredibly friendly and modest, always coming to you after your race and congratulating you, but they rule the Hock in any event they run. It doesn’t matter which one of them you step up the line to run against- you know that you’re going to have to run as fast as you can to keep up. Just Ryan or Booth by themselves is a threat- but when they come together in the same heat or on one relay team, everyone in the field house will stop and watch their sure-to-be awesome performance.

Super Nova

Who is always setting the track on fire?

This athlete generates heat - and the pressure of competition only raises the temperature. Which athlete never wilts under the strain but forces all the competition to melt away. Who's hotter than an exploding star?

It looks like Bastien might take this one, but my vote goes to Kathleen Ryan. Watching her run makes me smile. She ran 3:00.09 in the 1000. That's crazy. She carried the Franklin 4x4 all season. She dominates the league in the 600 and the 1000. She ran an amazing mile in the field house, better than a lot of boys. She's real good, and she sets the track on FIRE.

Kathleen Hennessey- As both a captain and a great athlete she feels the pressure. Despite injury towards the end of the season, she managed to step it up for the team and became hock champion in the dash.

Benton Wong comes out of nowhere at the hock league meet

Jenna Davidner is in the top 20 in the country... she's a freshman.... enough said

Seeded 18th for All-States Sam Bastien Came out of No where to make finals out of the 6th lane and take 7th place at finals. Now that’s an example of mantaining your composure even when under intense pressure of being a slow seed. And he will be running at New Englands im excited to see how much he bumps up at this meet

Sam Bastien for the SuperNova award. He sets the track on fire with his speed and determination.

Tuti knows how to step up to the competition. You could say she is the kyrptonite for many teams. She is a true example of an athlete that runs with her heart.

Jenna Davidner - She's one of the best two milers in the nation. How much hotter can you get?

Kathleen Hennessey because she managed to burn the competition in the 55m at Hocks even with an injured knee/leg that wouldn't keep her down. If that doesn't deserve some respect, I don't know what does.

Tooti (Kathleen Hennessey) had the kind of season that was expected, and I think under appreciated. Tooti isn't very flashy. She just runs her races and jumps backwards over high bars. She wanted to help her team, and she did by consistently beating the competition and scoring points. After her injury in the Elite Meet, her unexpected and hard fought first place finish in the 55m dash at the Hock League Championship was her shining moment. I would like to second her nomination in the Super Nova category.

Shannon Cunningham- at the beginning of the season I don’t think anyone realized how good she was. But gradually, she’s gotten fast and fast to eventually run a sub 42 in the 300 at Hocks. She effortlessly blows by competition, and doesn’t seem to let any pressure get to her. She blazes the track in anything up to the 400 (who knows, she could even run farther) and isn’t intimidated by any competition- I saw her smiling when she was standing on the line to anchor the 4x4 relay this past weekend. She’s confident and knows how good she is, and won’t hesitate to show it to the rest of the state.

Sam Bastien for the Super Nova award. Last week Sam suffered from Food poisning/stomach virus. And he still came too school for two days and practiced in the fitness room because he did not want to give it a rest. Until thursday when he woke up and the stomach pains were just unbearable he ended up going to the emergency room where they gave him IV because he seemed to have dehydrated throughout the week. He still managed to win the 300m dash on saturday despite not being over his stomach sickness

Aurora Borealis

For the most colorful athlete.

Some athletes are a pleasure to watch. They are multi-faceted and give off a prism of color. Like the Northern Lights, it is easy to get mesmerized. When they compete you stop what you're doing to watch. When its over, you turn around to the nearest person and say, “Wasn't that beautiful?” Or maybe its not their performance. Even when they are just standing around, they attract attention! Style, antics or performance, you be the judge of what makes someone a living rainbow.

I'm a little biased on this one, because I spend a lot of time with the Franklin girls, and feel like they're my own team. But I think the most colorful person in the league is Kate Beksha. This one for me came down to her or Itai. Itai is a goof, and will talk your ear off, but I thought this had to go to Kate. For one, she's the only girl who has ever asked me to wear my speedsuit for a race. I like that alot. She's just a fun person to be around, and, besides me, maybe the friendliest athlete in the Hock, which is saying something, since we have the nicest kids around.

Megan Ferreira- Only a sophomore, her form is excellent and she wins in hurdles effortlessly week after week

Kat Dixon for most colorful athlete. You can see her charisma on and off the track.

Kathleen Ryan- I could have voted for her in any category and it would have been fitting. I thought this one would be the best though, because she is a verrry colorful person on and off the track!

Elijiah Harris- whether he's running a short 55m, 300m, or a leg of a relay, Elijiah runs smoothly and incredibly fast. He's a great athlete to watch run- Elijiah just runs as fast as he can for as long as he can, and his legs always comply. He's a natural runner- all power- with perfect form, grace, not to mention that he's a generally nice guy. And don't forget that huge smile of his (especially when he's on the podium!)

Kathleen Ryan- You know that a girl athlete is good when even the guys teams watch her run! We all love to watch her- how she takes off quick, leaving others in the dust, or in other cases, comfortably sticks on the shoulder of her competitor, letting others do the work. Wait for it- the bell rings, and no one can touch her. After her races, you always see people turning to each other in the stands, saying something along the lines of "Woah!" or in this case "Wasn't that beautiful?" to each other. She's a smart, powerful runner, but also a runner that never forgets to congratulate you after your own race. Colorful is one way to describe her- she beats nearly everyone she runs against, but we all love her anyway!

Kate Beksha
- Clowns are colorful and Kate is definately the biggest clown in the league. I mean that in a good way!

Amanda Parker because of the balance of skill with running and personality. She is the first one to be cheering everyone on during those hard workouts yet manages somehow to get the entire team rooting for her when she is actually competing.

I don't think this one should be in doubt. Tim Keefe is the most colorful. He's not only the #1 seed in the 600M this week, but he'll probably show up with the funniest hat.

Audra Norvaisa is as colorful as they come. Who else would do a cartwheel when her name is called for the finals of the State Coaces Invitational hurdles?


Who holds the promise of the future?

Every morning a new sun rises, and every year new athletes appear. It is inevitable that one must set the skyline ablaze. Who is the athlete destined to shine a positive light on the Hockomock League for the next few years? Unlike cavemen, we may no longer worship the sun, but by the time this athlete is done more than a few of us will have been bowed.

Jenna Davidner. I didn't know who she was until Hocks. She annhilated everyone. I don't know how I didn't know who she was. The girl's legit. Between her and Kathleen and Shannon and a host of others, the Hockomock League for girls is gonna be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Christy Deininger- Although Davidner won hocks, we could only expect that after a great cross country season. Christy however started track for the first time this winter. She began 3-stepping immediately and flew over the hurdles. With a fellow hurdler and teammate injured at hocks, she stepped it up to take second place; something totally unexpected. I think that we can only expect great things from her.

Davidner is the female version of Andy Powell she will be Amazingg.

Steph Mac- who runs the 2 mile in a school record time and then hops back on the track for an almost unbeatable 4x4? Steph sure does.

Christy Deininger for the sunrise award. She has such great potential and her accomplishments as a freshman are amazing...she definitely holds the promise of the future!

Jenna Davidner She didn't even have to run her 2-mile PR to place 2nd in the entire state. "By the time this athlete is done more than a few of us will have been bowed" - This is already true and she is only a freshman, and she will only get better.

Kathleen Ryan is just out of control she can do anything from the 300 to the 2Mile.

Brian Courtney-The next in the North throws tradition; 48' and he's stilllearning. He'll continue to get better and better.

Jenna Davidner because she is just a freshmen, yet manages to pump out times that would put her in the seeded heats of boys events at Hocks. If she still has 3.5 years ahead of her, who knows how fast she'll be by the end of her senior year.

You can't forget Sam Smith. Canton's freshman star is rising. She placed in both the high jump and 55M hurdles in the Division 111 Meet. She'll be scoring 10 points most meets next year, even more outdoors.

Another vote for Christy Deininger for the Sunrise Award. I believe she has just begun to show us what she is capable of doing.

Christy Deininger- she’ll certainly carry on the Deininger legacy of jumping, whether far, high, or over a hurdle after her brother graduates. She’s really come into her own over the fast few weeks, and her 2nd place at Hocks proves it. She’s only a freshman, and hasn’t even begun to show her true colors.

Nick Wade- 2:38.1 1000. Hockomock Champion. 2:04 800 on a 4X800. 4:41 Mile, 10:33 2-mile. and He is a sophmore

Christy D. Christy
is just doing what comes naturally to her so it's not hard yet. The real challenge will be for her to take it to the next level.


Who's graduation this year will mark the passing of another era?

Every day and every era must end. How do you know when its been a a special day? Because just after the sun sets the sky turns brilliant! How do you know when its the end of a very special career? Because just after they leave you'll finally realize just how special they were? What senior deserves to have an era named after them?

I really hate nominating the same person twice. And I really hate nominating someone from Mansfield for anything. But this has to be Ryan Collins. For as long as I've cared about track, it's almost been a given that he would win whatever race he ran. Except for this one time, at the fieldhouse, in a 1000. But he's just such an amazing runner. Between cross country, and indoor and outdoor track, he's just unstoppable. And a real nice kid

Ryan Collins- Year after year he has continued to improve his already amazing times. He really became a suerstar in his senior year, dropping seconds every week. Next year it will be hard to notice a record-breaker of the Hock 2-mile's absence.

Tooti for the sunset award. NA will definetly be losing a great asset when Tooti leaves. Her era will never be forgotten!

Steph Mac- Between Steph and her sister Jen, the North Attleboro record board is full of "macnamaras". When Jen graduated, Steph stepped it up and started winning her own medals and setting records. She's exploded this past year and half, establishing herself as one of NA's best distance runners ever. Her graduation will mark the unfortunate end of the Macnamara era, but her accomplishmetns definately won't be forgotten.

Ryan Collins because he has set the bar of standards so high that it will be nearly impossible just to get within 30 seconds of some of his times. If I have ever met a phenomenal runner, he has got to be it.

I wanted to nominate Ryan Collins for the sunset award, but I just can't do that knowing that his little brother Shane will be a freshman next year. The Collins era is far from over. And Ryan has said that his brother will be even faster. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Kathleen Hennessey - She was league champion in the 55M Dash, is on at least three school record relays and is North's 5th leading scorer in history. When she goes it will start a whole new era.

 Total Eclipse

The most dominant performance of the season.

The sun is the most dominant fixture in the sky, but even the sun can be dimmed - even completely covered - by the moon. There have been a lot of memorable performances this season but there is one that completely blots out all others. Which is it?

Jenna Davidner- She won hocks by over a minute with a new meet record... and it wasn't even a PR. Enough said.

two mile extraordinaire from mansfield Ryan Collins

Ryan Collins in the 2 mile for the most dominant performance.

Meghan Ferreira – In her first year of indoor track she has just exploded. She set meet records at the Red Aeurbach, Paul Davey, and the Hockomock League Meet. She won the League by .48 seconds, the division meet by .44 seconds, and placed 4 th at All-states.

Ryan Collins- I second this nomination- it's not often you see an entire fieldhouse rising to their feet, cheering a runner on as he barrels down the straightaway to shatter a 20 year old record. Plus, his mile split in his 2mile could have placed third in the mile at Hocks- that's insane in itself. Collins is a hardworking, phenomenal runner who deserves a ton of redit for all his accomplishments.

John Lutkevich explanation needed.

Tim Keefe - 1:22.96 in the 600M!

Ryan Collins won the 2-mile by almost 50 seconds, breaking a record set in '81. I don't think any performance this season could be considered as dominant as this.


The seething athlete that is ready to explode into stardom.

There is an athlete out there that is starting to build. You can tell that something is going to happen. You just don't know when. It could be this weekend at the class meets. It might wait until Spring. It may even be next Winter. Even the experts don't know when! One thing is for sure. Eventually this athlete is going to explode. When it happens, the Hock may never be the same.

I know this vote because I've spent quite a bit of time with this kid. Brian Foley will put in the effort to do what he needs to do. Next year he will be the stud of the Foxboro boys team. He's learned great work ethic in the past two years, and is eventually going to be a real standout 600 runner. I look forward to seeing him light up the track the rest of his career. Just hope he doesn't beat my PR. :-P

Katie Czepiel- I see her work hard every single day at everything she does. She loves running and she puts everything she has into it. Although she has been held back in the past, I know that her positive attitude and her perseverence will make her an athlete to be reckoned with.

I'm gonna nominate Mike Bolea. He ran 431 at allstates winning the slow heat, and let's not forget he has the second best two mile in the league, only he and collins broke 10 this winter, this kid could blow up and have some good times outdoors.

I might come home from college next year to watch Dan Glavin and harass him if he hasn't hit 60 yet

So 54 feet isn't too bad as a sophomore Dan Glavin, en route to a new state record?

A second nomination for Dan Glavin-54' at State Finals was the eruption.

Julianne Cappadono in the Volcano category. She is just waiting for the
chance to prove herself.

There are 24 throwers in the state finals. Dan Glavin is the only sophomore while the rest are juniors and seniors. If he's good now . .

Katelyn Fortes - She can hurdle and high jump. She would be great in the pentathlon. Just wait how good she'll be next year.

Ryan Doherty because he is a sophomore who is beginning to shave seconds off and drop seed numbers like nobody's business. I think that everyone will have their eye on him in this spring in the 400 and 800 all the way through next year.

Mike Bolea. His 4:33 mile at Hocks showed that he is ready to perform at the next level, but it's just an indicator of what's to come. When Bolea starts spewing fire, watch out!

Alex Kostaras- many people may not know who she is, but if you ever watch her practice you can see her getting stronger and stronger with each workout. She shines even in the hardest workouts- even during 12 repeat 200s, she stepped it up, ran consistently and led her group through it. I don’t know when it is going to happen, maybe this spring or next winter- but she is going to be phenomenal. It’s so obvious that alex loves track- she comes to practice everyday even though she isn’t running that coming Saturday, and is so excited to come to all of our meets. She’s hooked on track, and has this drive in her that’s making her hardworking and determined. It’ll be during a race- one day, it’ll click, and then no one in the hock will be able to keep up with her.

Nick Wade- 2:38.1 1000. Hockomock Champion. 2:04 800 on a 4X800. 4:41 Mile, 10:33 2-mile. and He is a sophmore

I would like to nominate Julianne Cappadono because she's had some tough breaks (ED note - false start at Hocks) towards the end of the season but yet she didn't give up. She even went with the 4X400 team as an alternate and knew her chance of running was very slim. I agree, she is going to explode. I think she is a very strong runner.


Who is the athlete not only reflecting the best of the Hockomock, but also improving our image?

I take a lot of pictures. One of my favorite styles involves reflections in a pond. Capturing a great reflection often enhances the scene. Athlete's reflect on their team, school and even league. Who out there is the best symbol of the Hockomock? Who not only demonstrates the best attributes of your team and the league, but actually enhances them.

Ok. I honestly don't think I could pick one. I truly do believe the Hockomock League does not have a mean person. Even someone like Anthony Sherman, who looks like a frightening individual, is one of the easiest people to talk to. Most of my friends have at some point run track in this league, and I think the whole state loves us.

(ST note: I agree with this writer that it will be a difficult award to pick. This league is incredible when it comes to sportsmanship)

Amanda Parker- She loves the sport and puts everything she has into every race she runs. She has goals and knows how to get them, being both a friendly but intimidating competitor.

Kelsey Achin she's always dancing, singing, or walking around with the coaches kids

Brett Badger always smiling, fist pumping or yelling, he's an athlete that makes track fun to watch

Amanda Parker- She always wishes other runners good luck, asks them how they did, and congratulates them. Not only that, but once she got started this season, I don't believe I ever saw her have a bad race. She gives everything she has in her races and walks away with new PR's almost every weekend.

Ryan Collins – He is a great athlete and person that represents this league well.

Ryan Collins is so humble. He is a perfect example of the best the Hockomock has to offer. Since he has competed at the national level, he's represented the league all over the state and country.

Kathleen Ryan is nice to everyone, except on the track!

Brett Badger for the Reflection Award. His winning attitude, always cheering on his teammates, and his competitors to achieve their best reflects the good things about the Hockomock League.

I'll add another vote for Brett Badger!

Greg Payne because he not only is an awe inspiring runner, but he has an aura of determination and being serious about what needs to get done. If he tells you what time he is shooting for, you can be sure that he will get that, if not shatter it. He provides the perfect balance of what a runner should be because he can also have fun when it is needed.


The athlete whose laps around the field house are so rapid as to change the wind patterns.

You'd think the air would be still within the field house. Then all the sudden there's a breeze. At first it just tousles the hair, slowly building from a a series of gusts into a steady blow. Then you realize one athlete can change the entire climate, creating wind patterns that blow away the competition, and make it hard for spectators to catch their breath.

I like Bastien here. Kid's fast. Plain and simple. He's real good.

Steph McNamara- Even in the field house, she runs fast and digs deep. She knows that she wants to win, and throughout the season has gotten several school records, leaving others in the dust.

Steph McNamara- I definitely have to second her nomination. She broke a school record in in the FIELD HOUSE.

I vote for Michelle Sirois for tornado. She is so fast in Franklin that she makes me dizzy.

Steph Mac in the Tornado category. This girl broke three school records! Say it again - three school records, and was a leg on two record breaking relay teams. Hello?!

John Lutkevich. A 2:34 1000 on the fieldhouse? That's absurd, but it's among a plethora of fast performances by John at Franklin Fieldhouse. I get dizzy watching him.

Christian Pirnie because he is slowly but steadily shaving seconds off his 300, yet he manages to hold an anchor spot on the 4x400 team. If he did not do his laps fast, he would not be trusted with so many responsibilities with scoring points for the team.


The athlete you both like and dread.

That's the way with a big snow storm. You may look forward to it, but at the same time you know its going to be a burden. It can be fun to watch, but in the end your muscles will ache from shovelling and you're bone tired when you're done dealing with it. Kind of like lactic acid which you'll be fighting after trying to keep up with this athlete.

So, who do you like to see but dread to be working against?

Lutkevich. He runs my events, and he's amazing. Great kid. As I said before, everyone in the league is nice. This season I got lucky and didn't have to face him head to head. I hate seeing him on the starting line next to me. Great kid, great competitor, just don't particularly enjoy running against him... for obvious reasons.

Kathleen Ryan- She's really nice and funny but as soon as the gun goes off she's too far ahead of the competition to be telling them jokes.

Matt Callanan behind the headband and game face is a very approachable easy to talk to person whether it be in the field house or outside of it. But one problem is it's kind of hard to talk to him when he's finishing the hurdles and you're still in the blocks...

Tim Keefe, although a rough performance at New Englands had him down on himself, there's absolutely no reason to be. He's one of the most feared athletes in the hock. I think I'd only take him on in the 5k

Kathleen Ryan for the Blizzard award. Everyone LOVES her but also dreads her whenever she is steps on the starting line.

Tim Keefe-One of the easiest athletes to talk to I've ever met; one of
the least I want to see matched up against.

Tim Keefe just because he has the talent that one dreads but definitely provides for better competition than anyone could ask for.

I love watching Kathleen Ryan run, like her great 1000 at Reggie Lewis last weekend. I hate to compete against her. She rains on everyone's parade. Except this is winter so it's snow!

John Lutkevich (again!). With such an amazing range, there's no telling what event he's going to run. The only sure thing is that if he's in your race, you'd better be prepared. Brace yourself, because you might just get blown away.

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Nominations will be accepted until March 8th and final winners will be posted March 15. Beware the Ides of March!