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ST Awards

Categories for Indoor Track '06

"Vocabulary of Excellence"

P.S. All the comments are from athletes and other coaches. My own comments will be added when I announce the results.

Most Precocious Athlete

- characterized by unusually early development or maturity

Julie Binney (OA) - An amazing runner, & only a frosh! She pulls through especially in big meets at reggie, and consistently makes huge PR's. At an early age, she is one of the top milers in the league. She will become an even better runner in the coming years.

Rachel Wasserman (SH) - no one really knows of her, she's only a freshman and she runs the 600M, all I can say is that she is a lot faster than me already!

Kathleen Ryan (FR) --- please. what freshman places 3rd at the class b meet & then runs a 59 split of the 4x400. and she's only getting better. watch out, this girl is hot.

Kathleen Ryan (FR) - only a frosh and already #2 in the league behind senior Allie Cuozzo!

Kathleen Ryan (FR)- her improvement this season has been incredible, and she placed third at the class B meet as a freshman! Kathleen has developed into a smart and strong runner and has accomplished more in the short winter track season than some seniors can say for their whole high school career. From her 2nd place at State Coach's Invite to breaking 1:40 at hocks, it's obvious that she's going to be the girl to watch come this spring. She'll only get better as time goes on, and I'm looking forward to running against her again!

Kathleen Ryan FR - Powell is impressive, and he'll dominate the sprints the next two years in this league, but any girl who can beat most of the boys in the Hock in a 600 AND a 400 is impressive. Being a FRESHMAN is absurd. She fell at the all-state meet, was hurting, but got up and ran a good leg for the Franklin 4x4. Guts to go with crazy talent. Look out, MA.

Powell Simpson-  This year as a sophomore he has DII titles in the 300 and LJ.  He finished 2nd in the LJ at All-States and then came back a week later to finish 3rd at New Englands in the same event.

Powell Simpson (Mansfield): Only a sophomore, yet he already has 3 division titles under his belt. Won the long jump last year as a freshman at the Division III Championship outdoors. This season he won the 300 and the long jump at the Division II Championship. Already a force to be reckoned with, Simpson will be feared in his remaining high school years.

Kristen McLoughlin - Not many people knew Kristen since she had never done track before and no one knew how much talent she really had especially since she was only a sophomore. However over the course of only a few meets she started to shine and she's just been getting better since then!! She not only displays an unusual amount of talent in only her first season of track, but she also displays a level of maturity which accompanies her amazing talent. She's a great sport about all of her races and would never hesitate to congratulate another teammate or wish a competitor good luck. And even though she displays such an early outbreak of talent, there is still soooo much potential underneath the already amazing runner that she is.

Kristen McLoughlin (NA) - I know she's a sophomore but it is her first season of track. She placed 2nd at Hocks, broke North's school record in the 300M and was a member of the 4X200M relay that broke the school record. She probably doesn't qualify because she doesn't act like a newcomer. She gives an aura of quiet confidence.

Most Dauntless Athlete

- incapable of being intimidated or discouraged

Kerry Picket - Whether she has the pressure to win her race in a tough dual meet or if she's competing at the state level this girl never shows any apprehension before a race. She's always cool and collected no matter what. This is definitely something i look up to since i always find it hard to control my anxiety before a stressful race. Also, no matter what time she gets in the two mile, she always makes the best of it and, if she's not satisfied with it, she always looks forward to a better race next time not letting any performance discourage her. She is always smiling whenever i see her no matter what and i believe that it is this optimistic quality that allows her to come back in her next race and beat her goal time.

Anthony Sherman (NA) - He's the intimidator. Sherman isn't affected by the competition. He just goes about business. If you aren't scared to face him, you aren't scared of anything!

Dave Lint (FX) -

Dave Lint (FX) --- he goes into every race knowing he's going to win, and he always does. even when he's a full lap behind in the 4x400

Dave Lint (FX) -  This kid is an athlete.  His performances speak for themselves

Dave Lint FX - Name in gold because, that's the color he looks best in. (yeah I mean the speedsuits, you all know you're jealous) Lint could win almost all the categories, but I promised myself I would stick to one, and this is it. He goes into every race without a worry in the world, because he knows he's faster than the other kid. Dave Soiles outkicked him at all-states, and Lint's comment is "I'll take him at New Englands" He knows he's better than everyone else, which leads to his cool, calm and collected attitude at all times.

Kathleen Ryan (FR)- I am in complete awe of her. Not only is she one of the best runners I have ever run with (if not the best) she is an AWESOME person. She almost always has an upbeat attitude and is ready to step up to any challenge. At the same time, I think she is probably the most naïve person (in a good way); when more mature runners get nervous before a race, she actually gets excited! How many girls do you know that can smile her way through the last 50 meters of a 2:22 800m?

Lindsey Booth (FR) - She never seems nervous! She can go into a race, no matter how important, and do well. She constantly is winning, whether it is the 600, 1000, or anchoring the 4x400 in an amazing split. Even at the class b state meet, she didn't seem to be nervous at all. She came out of it with a 1st place. This girl seems calm all the time.

Kristen McLoughlin; I definately second this nomination! She is an

awesome runner. Even when put up against the greatest runners she is up for the challenge, which has helped to make HER one of the greatest runners. Her 300's look easy when she runs them, until you look at the clock & find out that she has broken the school record!

Kristen McLoughlin (NA) - ever seen her get nervous before a race? she's a first time track runner, completely new to the 300, but despite all that i've never seen her get discouraged. kristen had to rise to the occasion this season and run against shanika pitts and girls even faster than that- instead of cracking under pressure or being intimidated, kristen used the faster girls to help her break a school record! i have the utmost respect for her. the 300 is one of the toughest events, and she makes it look easy.

Kathleen Hennessey (NA) - This girl always sports a smile and doesn't seem to get discouraged. At the state meet she had to start at her PR in high jump. She not only made it but then jumped a new 5'0 PR.

Most Intrepid Athlete

- resolutely courageous: fearless

Shanika Pitts (OA)

Shanika Pitts (OA)

Shanika Pitts - she's got so much talent and she never hesitates to just get out there and show people what she's got.

Dave Lint (FX) - I don't know if he's fearless because he knows he's going to win or just unshakable.

Dave Lint (FX) - Isn't afraid to race anyone. Always asking for more competition.

Anthony Sherman (NA) - I have to go with Anthony in this category too. I can't tell whether he's fearless or crazy. It doesn't matter. You can't scare him.

Most Magnanimous Athlete

- generous in forgiving; eschewing resentment or revenge; unselfish, altruistic, propitous

Melissa Moul (Canton)- I enjoyed competing against her so much at the State Coaches’ meet and again at Hocks. She seems like such a nice person who really cares about her teammates and about other runners that she knows. Despite this she is still a fierce competitor.

Stephanie MacNamara (NA)...Every time she beats me, she constantly apologizes! Why? I have no idea. She is a wonderful runner, but seems to always feel bad about beating me, however, in reality she never has to, she is naturally that much better.

Stephanie McNamara (NA) - An amazing leader, she always puts the team before herself. She is unselfish, looking for the success in her teammates before her own. Every single meet that she watches me run my race, she comes to me before asking for the taht splits I want, and what my goals for the race are. She screams from the track to cheer on her teammates even if her race is in 10 minutes. She is one of the greatest leaders and I am lucky to run with her every practice.

Sara Krasney (NA)- unselfish, generous...all of these words describe sara. she's one of my favorite people and is SO supportive. there's never a boring minute when sara's around, she just seems to brighten up any day. if we have a billion repeats to do one practice, she won't spend time after one catching her breath, but instead she congratulates us on making it through another one and pumps us up to do another. sara doesn't hate anyone either, even if the girl beats her in a race- she loves everyone! kraz works so hard to make herself a better runner, and is one of the fastest distance runner in the hocks because of it.

Jenna Banks (NA) - I think her team is unselfish because opf the example she shows

Most Fervent Athlete

- Having or showing great emotion or zeal; ardent

Caitlin Lawrence (FR) --- seriously, she spends about 85% of her day on this website. she absolutely loves the sport. at a meet you will never see her sitting down, she is always up and screaming for her teammates. she'll talk

to anyone & always manages to wish everyone good luck.


Tim Keefe (Fx)- I have never met somebody who loves track like this kid. He has deticated his high school career to become better at track. He is willing to do anything and work hard at everything. He is one of the best people I have ever met through track. His frendly attitude and hard work ethic should be recognized. Not to mension he is a great captain from what i can see even though im not from foxboro...oh ya and he is only a junior. That says about what kind of person and athlete he is. Watch out for Tim Keefe next year, he is only going to get better.

Adrienne Goldberg (NA) - if you ever look at any pics from a na meet, there's at least one picture of adrienne screaming her heart out and cheering on a teammate (or someone she's never met) from the sidelines. whenever i'm running, i can always hear adrienne when i pass by her. adrienne's love of track and her support of everyone she sees serve as inspiration for the rest of us!

Ryan Collins (Mansfield) - Maybe it is genetic. His father, mother (coach) and sister are all track fanatics. You might not be able to tell because he doesn't show emotion, but Ryan is all about track.

Itai Stein; He is such a nice kid & he loves track! I have talked to

others on the team & he always comes up to us to wish us luck before a race. Afterwards, he's one of the first people you see, talking about how great your race was, even if it wasn't that great. He's always friendly to everyone, & I don't know anyone that doesn't like him.

Itai Stein - Every single time i see this kid he stops me and says hi and then immediately starts to talk about the meet or previous performances of other runners in the league and honestly... he doesnt stop talking about it! He's got such an enthusiasm for the sport and gives so much time and effort to it both on and off the track.

Itai Stein SH - No one will ever say Itai is normal, but he does love to talk. To anyone. About anything. I ran one race with him, and I think he's still talking to me about it. Good kid, loves track.

Itai Stein (SH).....If you're ever lucky enough to run with Itai, you'll never hear him stop talking about running, his races, other's races, and pretty much, you'll be stuck for over an hour listening to him just
talk about how excited or how determined he is.

Itai Stein (Sharon): I second this nomination for the reasons already stated.

Kyle Hitchcock (NA) - He'd be happy in a world that had track and nothing else.

Kyle Hitchcock (NA)

Most Affable Athlete

-   Easy and pleasant to speak to; approachable, convivial

Caitlin Lawrence (FR) - Caitlin is one of the nicest people on the Franklin Track team, even though everyone is nice. You can talk to her about anything, she never has anything bad to say about you or anyone for that matter. Before a race she always has a way of making you feel less worried by encouraging you. It doesn't matter what school you are from she is always there for you. Definately the easiest person to talk to.

Ngoc Pham - This girl is amazing!!! Whenever i'm at a meet she never hesitates to come over and give me a hug and wish me luck before my race even if i'll be running against her that meet. She is one of the many reasons i love track so much and she is the best example of an affable athlete with the best sportsmanship i've seen yet. She's always excited for me if i do good and if i run poorly she's always there at the end of my race to give me a hug and words of encouragement and she's always found hangin out with North's distance girls.... its like her second team!!! Ngoc is soo easy to talk to and no matter what happens she always makes me feel better!!

GNgoc Pham (SH) - Gnoc is so freindly with other teams that it is sometimes hard to tell who she runs for. She has all the qualities of a good diplomat.

Ngoc Pham (SH) - She is probably the most outgoing and friendly person in the league. In every single meet, she greets her competitors before the race & congratulates them afterwards. She always makes an effort to make other people feel good about themselves, and she is really easy to talk to.

Djerica Lamousnery (NA) – Ok- I don’t even know if I spelled her name right but I LOVE her!!! There are a bunch of people that I could nominate for this award but Djerica stands out by far. She is the sweetest girl and I love seeing her at any meet. She always makes it a point to talk to me and she says the nicest things! This award is meant for her and I really hope that she gets it because she deserves it so much. Just thinking about her makes me smile.

Kyle Hitchcock (NA) --- maybe he just loves the ladies, but even when i'm freaking out before a big race. he always manages to come wish me luck & he's like that with pretty much everyone. and he never cheers for only his own team, he's behind every individual in the hock.

Kyle Hitchcock NA -  He is a great kid!!  He talks and shakes hands with everyone.  Every time I see him he is either talking to an official, coach, or an athlete from another team.  He is a great all around person.

Kyle Hitchcock NA - Coming into the season, I didn't like him. He was from North, I'm from Foxboro, I don't like him. Then, at the Elite meet, I'm coming around the turn to the back stretch in the 4x4 and I hear a group of kids screaming for me, telling me to get on that kid in front of me, catch him. My second lap I glance over, and I see red (North????) Every meet since then, Hitchcock would come to me, ask how I was doing, congratulate me for whatever, and have a genuine conversation with me. I didn't even know people in the league knew my name, but Hitch just really makes you feel good about everything. Makes you have some Hock pride, and not feel like you hate the other kid on the track just because they don't have the same color uniform as you. One of the really nicest kids I've ever met.

Kyle Hitchcock (NA) - I think Hitchcock is one of the most genuine gentleman I have ever met. He is honestly the nicest kid around. Every meet he comes up to me to wish me luck or find out how I did. Heck, he even called to see how our relay went. What kind of person does that? Hitch is so easy to talk to, and the conversation is always one to remember. Thank you for people like Kyle Hitchcock.

North Attleboro - I cant choose between any of them...but the girls from North Attleboro...I love these girls, they're so encouraging and they make me feel like I'm part of their team! In fact, my team doesn't even know who I'm running for anymore.

Lindsey Booth (FR) - she's one of the easiest and nicest people to talk to. Whether it's in the middle of an intense dual meet, before her big race, or after a tough race she just had to run and is feeling pretty sick, Lindsey will always stop what she's doing to greet a person with a smile. She's constantly wishing good luck to her teammates and even people from other teams.

Most Self-effacing Athlete

- Not drawing attention to oneself; modest

Jess Picket - It's a toss up between the two Pickets for this vote because they both have never come up to me to tell me how well they do in their races, but they come up to me and rather they congratulate me on my performance. However, when i get the opportunity to talk to Jess after her race she's either congratulating me on my performance or wishing me good luck. She never mentions her performance until i have to ask her how she does and even if she did good in her race she never brags about it or flaunts it. She's the perfect example of a self-less athlete.

Allie Cuozzo (KP) - I hope I can vote for the ST Awards even though I'm not in the Hockomock League, because I really think that Allie Cuozzo deserves the most self-effacing athlete. The first time we ever spoke I asked her how she did in the 600 and although she had run an amazing race she just smiled and switched the subject to how I did. Then at the State meet, in between calming me down for our upcoming 4x8 leg against each other, she let it slip that she had been sick for 3 days and was still running a 104 degree temperature, but said she didn't even want to tell her team because she just wanted to help them out. She is so modest and only draws attention to herself by running great races.

Allie Cuozzo (KP) - She shows up to the line, wins and just disappears back into the crowd.

Allie Cuozzo (KP)-with her incredible times in every event she runs, allie is definitely an intimidating person on paper. but after talking to her before or after a race, you'd never know that she's one of the best runners in the state- she hardly ever draws attention to herself. we often look for her after a race to congratulate her on her first place, but she's nowhere to be found. some kids with those times would be surrounded by people praising him or her, but allie is up in the stands with her parents or off in a corner talking to her coach, away from the crowds.

Lindsey Booth (FR)- Despite her talent, she is such a shy girl! She’s definitely opened up a lot over the years, but I have NEVER heard her brag about anything (and I spend just about every day of my life with her!). She is the epitome of modesty and a pleasure to run with.

Shanika Pitts (OA) --- even though when i have to race against her i get nervous about a whole week before, you would never know this girl is about to kick your butt. She gets nervous like everyone else & she runs in sneakers. even after running a 57 relay leg when you tell her how amazing she has done she just laughs and thanks you. she is always motivating every other athlete, she's just all around a great girl.

Shanika Pitts OA - I'd like to nominate myself here, but I don't think that would work. Once you wear a speedsuit, you're kind of banned from this category. Shanika's a state champ, but you'd never know it. She's run some crazy times, but you tell her she's good and she just smiles and says thanks. Real nice girl. Real modest, considering her crazy talent.

Kerry Pickett (OA) - She consistently is running the 2 mile at an amazing pace, yet she would never brag. Every meet that I see her she comes up to me and congratulates me first, without even mentioning how well she had done. She is one of the most modest runners and has great talent.

Sharon Girls 4x400...who even knew they could be that good...heck, they surprised their own team!

Powell Simpson (Mansfield): He placed second to Lint at Hocks, only to say afterward, "Wow, those guys are fast!" For such a dominant athlete, this kid is modest.

Powell Simpson (M) - Such a good athlete with so much potential. After placing 2nd at all states in the long jump by a quarter of an inch he wasn't even disappointed. Sure he did incredible, but he just congratulated the other athletes and went on with his business.

Most Insouciant Athlete

- Marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalant, unshakebly calm

Kathleen Hennessey; In every event that she does, she always seems calm. Whether it is in high jump, the 50, the 300, or the 4x2, she goes out there completely relaxed and does very well. If I were racing her, I would be very intimidated her calmness before a huge race.


Liz Daley - In 2005 she was runner up in the HJ to Tylynn in the spring and winter.  What separated her from third and forth was misses..  She seems to always clear the bar on her first jumps, which allows her to place so high in meets.  This year at the Hockomock meet she won high jump on misses.  She  is one of the most calmest HJ in the state.  She knows the competitions always comes down to misses.

Liz Daley (M)- I don’t know if I can back this up at all, it’s just a feeling that I get…she seems totally calm and in control.

Lindsey Booth (FR) --- this girl is just never nervous, even before running at new englands when the rest of our team was freaking out, she insisted on playing a game of charades. who does that?

Lindsey Booth - Both in cross country and track she never shows signs of being nervous before a race. She always warms up and just steps out there and runs with absolutely no apprehension whatsoever. Someone i really look up to since i always have trouble staying calm before my race. I believe she is the most insouciant athlete .... no one can shake her up before her race .... ever, and no matter what she always gives it her all.

Lindsey Booth (FR)...I don't believe I ever seen her get nervous for an event in my life, in fact, eveyone is afraid to run against her!

Lindsay Booth (FR) - I second the Booth nomination. She never seems bothered.

Amanda Parker (NA) - This girl always appears calm, whether it is the elite state coaches meet or a regular dual meet. She is always ready to run & to catch the person ahead of her, if there is a person ahead of her! She is one of the most relaxed people I have ever seen before a race.

Most Adroit Athlete

- Skillful and adept under pressing conditions

Lindsay Booth (FR)- No matter how huge the meet is, she always puts down her best efforts and makes it look easy! She has a lot of talent and unlike some people who get nervous before a race and then run horribly, she uses her skills to her advantage and pulls through.

Holly Heinricher (FX)- There isn't an event Holly can't do! high/long jump, hurdles, sprints, anything up to a sick 4x4 split. Holly is who I think of when I hear the word "skillful." I'd bet she could probably throw shot, if she wanted to.

Holly Heinricher (FX) --- please, this girl runs everything & no matter what the race is she is always a fair competitor. and even if it's her first time running the event you're still nervous because you never know what she can do.

Allison Cuozzo (KP)

Allison Cuozzo - There's nothing to it with Allie - she makes her races looks so easy and comfortable. She really has the knack of it... she's soo talented and thats all there is to it. She has skill and i dont think anyone can disagree that she is truly an adroit athlete. She's got this title by a landslide.

Kyle Hitchcock (NA) - Kyle does it all. He can hurdle, throw shot put, high jump, long jump and run anything from the 50M to the 4X400. At the pentathlon he'll prove he's the best all-around athlete in the Hockomock League, if not the state.

Courtney Lincoln (MN) - When I think of skill events I think of high jump, long jump and hurdles. Coutney excels in all three. Under the tension of Class B competition she got a first in one and a second in another.

Courtney Lincoln (M): I definitely agree with the previous nomination. It can’t be easy to go and win a Hock title in the hurdles when your bus arrives at the meet about 5 minutes before the gun goes off.

Most Scintillating Performer (name the performance)

– flashy, brilliantly shining, prismatic

Kate Beksha (FR) - You can't help but notice this kid. She is outgoing and fun to be around. She is so hyper and friendly, to everyone, not just her own team. At New Englands she even got to talking to some of the other teams that we have never met before. This girl is definately "flashy".

Tim Keefe (FX) --- he doesn't only wear the speedsuit, he enjoys it.

Tim Keefe FX - Speed suit, socks and braids. I don't know what performance exactly, but looking crazy and still winning races counts for something, right?

Tim Keefe (FX) - Boy do I love this kid. Why does he get this award? Because he won the 1000 meter run wearing a speed suit and with corn rows. How often do you see a high school athlete wearing a speed suit in a mid distance event? He is probably the best looking kid I know as well.

Powell Simpson (Mansfield) - Whenever he hits the track you know its going to be awesome. He doesn't try to excite the crowd but it just happens.

Sara Krasney - Wow.... there's soo much to say about Sara and i'm gonna have to condense this as best as possible... By far Sara is the most scintillating athlete i know. Here love of the sport is unlimited and no matter how bad my day is she's always there to cheer me up. Her love of the team, her perseverance, and her desire to succeed in running all make her an unbelievable person to run with. After just becoming close friends with Sara this year in xc she has made my experience running so much better. Everyday at practice she gives it her all and helps other people motivate and better themselves through words of encouragement and advice. Even though she is just a sophomore, North and other hocks runners of all ages look up to her positive attitude towards track and the amazing example she sets for all athletes. There is no one that gives me a better feeling about running thank Sara, and I know for a fact that if it wasnt for her determination and enthusiasm for track and xc and, more importantly, her friendship, i wouldnt be the runner or the person that i am today.<3 :) 

SARA KRASNEY (NA)...Can ANYONE calm her?! She is the most colorful and hyper trackie I've ever met, and she's a lot of fun!

Sarah Krasney (NA) by a landslide (but I’d put Kate Beksha in the running too!)

Danius Kerikas (CT) - probably the most exciting performance of the Hocks when his huge PR in HJ. He had the fans on their feet and screaming.

The Most Quintessential Track Athlete

- being the most typical

Amanda Parker - She is the perfect model of the perfect athlete. She always cheers her team on, she's got talent and she's not afraid to work hard. She gives it her all at every practice and is always there if a teammate needs help or just a few words of advice. She's never afraid to leave everything on the track at both practice and in meets and she always works hard to catch that person in front of her no matter what i takes. She the typical athlete with talent, enthusiasm for the team, hard work and efforts that have taken her far in her track career and will help her continue to progress.


Dan Cequira (MN)

Jenna Banks (NA) -  Jenna amazes me. I don't think you would call her the most typical, but she should be the example that all other track runners follow. She wasn't very good when she started but worked hard enough to rise to the top. If other athletes had half the desire they would make it to the Olympics.

Brian Miller (FX) - Brian is both a great athlete and a great leader. He should be the mold used to create new recruits.

Brian Miller FX - Honestly good at everything. Can jump through the roof. Can hurdle right up there with the best in the league. Then one day decides he wants to dash, and wins a league title. Runs a good 200 leg, 300, 4x4 leg. And modest as anything. If the team wins, it was a team effort. If the team loses, he should have stepped up more. Great kid, great athlete, great teammate. Marry me, Brian.

Brian Miller FX - Does he even need an explanation? Captain of team, 55m champ, high jump runner up, leadoff of the record setting 4x4 team, hurdler, etc. Stick Brian in any event and you will not be disappointed. He is also a flat out good kid too. He is the best example of the quintessential athlete.

Most Tenacious Athlete

- Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, never letting go

Derek Ricci (FX) - Never letting go, something Derek Ricci never does. He has been injured since who knows how long, yet he continues to work hard and place 3rd at hocks out of nowhere. If you tell Ricci to take a break to get healthy, he will just tell you that training only makes it feel better, or he'll give you some other reason that makes no sense. But if there is one thing he loves, it is to run, and he will never let go of the love he has for track.

Allie Couzzo (KP) she’s been doing her thing for a long time. Even when she has a huge lead, she always puts the pedal down and pushes herself to be the best.

Stacey Binney; Whenever I see her running I can tell she is trying her very best. Even in races like state coaches where she is winning by a lot in her heat, she doesn't give up & keeps pushing herself to go faster. She may be in pain, but she continues to pick up thepace. She is such a nice person as well.

Stacey Binney (OA)...very strong and works very hard

Stacey Binney (OA) - She proved it at the Hocks. I bet no one though she would win. She didn't give up.

Jenna Banks (NA)- jenna is one of the most determined people i know. she proved that to everyone at the class b meet- she could have given up when her spike fell off, but instead she kept running and ended up with a decent time. (by the way, a decent time for her is still much better than a good time for anyone else) jenna worked so hard the entire season and earned every point and medal she got by holding on and never letting go!

Stephanie McNamara (NA) - She wasn't well known as a distance runner but she has develped this knack of finding a good runner and hanging on no matter how fast the pace.

Most Inimitable Athlete

- Defying imitation; matchless

Derek Ricci FX - I think you meant inimitable talent, but I think Ricci is so out there that he is the most inimitable athlete in the league. Kid is flat out weird. Comes out of nowhere in his first meet of the season to get 3rd at Hocks. Having a conversation with him often leaves you wondering why you did. Really a good kid, loves track, has some talent if he can shake his injuries.

Hillary Crooke  (MN) - Over 41' at the state finals. Only Dave Lint could come close to being this dominant! Show me another Hillary Crooke!

Hillary Crook -  This athlete has dominated this years shot put competition.  She won the tri-meet season by an average of three feet.   Won state coaches by 2 feet.  Won the class meet by 2 feet  .  And won all-state by 5feet 10 inches. 

David Lint (Fx) - The name is in all of the hock colors because he is the best representitive of the hock league. He is unbeaten in the 300 at any level and he is a modest and geunine guy. The kind of person i want to represent our league.

Dave Lint - This kid is an amazing runner and i really dont think that anyone can possibly match his talent and his drive for success in every race. I second the fact that there is no one else like him in the Hock. He is certainly one of a kind and has that completely inimitable style.

Dave Lint (FX)- I third the nomination. Lint should definitely win this category- every time I see him run, all I can think is "wow." There's no one else in the hock like him!

Dave Lint (FX)....Can I say anything more?

Dave Lint (FX) –I’m pretty sure he’s not human.

Allie Cuozzo (KP) --- nobody can beat her in her events, and even in the events she doesn't normally run she still pulls some points out for.

Allie Cuozzo (KP) - Can anyone beat her in the 600? Not only does she rock at that race but you can put her anywhere and she will get the lead. Not many people have the range of 55 meter hurtles to an awesome leg in the 4x800.

Allie Cuozzo (KP) - Allie's ability might be imitated for one or two events. But nobody else has the range from 50M hurdles to 1000M (and two-mile if she had the time).