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Indoor Track


Are you ready! You'd better be - because here they are.

Representing Elite : TyLynn Graham

If you were starting a college team, who would you chose first?

If you want points; and I think colleges do, why wouldn't you go with Ty "Sky High" Graham. Maybe she hasn't been a state champion like some of the other nominees, but she scares the heck out of anyone in her events. She is competitive at the highest level in both a running (5th in state finals 55MH) and field event (2nd in state finals HJ) . Just wait until outdoors when she can do four events. You know about the 100M hurdles and high jump. What are the other two? You'll have to wait until spring to find out.

Representing Fan Fair : Greg Clayman

There are worse things than the being poster child for track addicts.

When they made Greg Clayman they broke the mold. When it comes to track and field he is the sport's biggest fan. I bet he can recite the PR's of half the athletes in the league. Who else would have sent me a track haiku - or has half the league on speed dial. His ST award nominations always carry significant weight because he puts so much thought into them. I have to agree with him on this one. As the greatest track fan in the league - you're hired.

Representing The Good Guys : Ngoc Pham
Picture unavailable @ press time.
Sharon has found their ambassador. She knows how to display sportsmanship in a sincere manner. It is a pleasure to compete against her.
Representing Starbucks : Kristy Fuller

Who do you picture when you think of too much caffeine? Yeow!

Kristy Fuller is always percolating. When she starts her warm up, if you're a rival you know that trouble is brewin. She's never latte to the finish line. (Ouch, that was awful). She adds "fuller" flavor to every meet. Kristy makes a perfect person to pitch coffee. When she says "buy it" you'd be afraid not to.

Representing Fast Delivery : Meg Crowley

Who can turn a meet around in an instant?

I had to give her something! I sincerely consider her the most under-rated athlete in the Hockomock. She can destroy you in so many ways. Why is Franklin so great in the relays? Because Meg can fill in any leg of any event. And with Meg it is service with a smile. One minute she's kicking your butt and the next minute she's patting you on the back. Next year she'll be delivering for UML.

Representing Pronto Press : Holly Heinricker

Results in a flash.

Holly Heinricker gets more publicity and pictures than anyone else I know. And she deserves it. Good golly, Holly drives me nuts in the 300M. Everytime it looks like she's going to be a little late, Holly puts on this incredible burst of speed. I'm sorry I don't have a good action shot of her but I just don't have the shutter speed.

Representing Marvelous : ???
Can anyone live up to the Marcus standard?

I thought I had a winner but a new contender just appeared on the horizen. Let me think about this one for a few more days.

Representing Second Effort : Jen McNamara

Able to make headway through the toughest times!

When you're out at sea and things start to get rough you just have to trust in the fitness of your vessel. That describes Jen's experience at the State Class Meet to a T. Just before Hocks she started to get sick and for the next week she spent most of her time in bed. JMac got in one day of practice (if you can call 3 over 2 with 10 minutes rest in between a practice) the day before the meet. The 10 minute rest was because that's how long it took to get her breath back each time. I've never sent an athlete out into competition with so few resources - but as senior captain I gave her the chance she wanted. I never thought she could go three rounds. Three rounds means 15 hurdles. I doubt she saw anymore than the first one in each race. But through sheer will and muscle memory she ended up getting 6th place. That gave her the chance to go out to sea for another week.

Representing the Federal Witness Protection Program : Lianne Swanson

By the end of her career there will be no hiding this future star.

It's time to blow this girl's cover. She's been hiding out in the Franklin mid-distance crew, just another girl in blue that beats everyone else. But if you look really close you just might recognize the fact that she's a Meredith Leenhouts clone. You'll know her better after spring and if she choses to run cross country everyone will know her name. Sorry Lianne, but fame is the price you pay for having talent.

Representing Sprint Store : Shanika Pitts

You think fiber optics are speedy! This girl can outsprint an e-mail.

Customers are lining up to get whatever she's selling. No one will debate that she's the fastest thing on two feet up to 100M. Now she's expanded her line of products to include the 300M and 4X4. They're still in the testing phase but it looks like she's marketing another winner. Shanika is your one-stop-shopping for fast twitch success.

This just in. The experiment is complete - and a complete success. Shanika is state champ in the 300M with an eye-popping time. I guess it is time for those second-guessing armchair quarterbacks on Dye-stat to leave the coaching decisions to the coaches.

Representing Casual Male : Ed Hitchborn

He is laid back and cool as ice under pressure (usually)?

I deferred to the will of the people on this one. Week after week he reigns supreme at the Franklin Fieldhouse. The only time you see any expression is during his now-famous "Welcome to the Hockomock League" speech that he gives at the jamboree. Rumor has it he's so relaxed that he sleeps through the third meet - that is unless he has to warn you that the meet will be held up if you don't put away the equipment promptly.

Representing Sir Speedy : Aaron Fears

In the dash he can deliver on time.

Like his counterpart Shanika, none have been able to slow this guy down. He might as well stop at the end of the 55M to put out the welcome mat because the finish line is his home. What's that I smell? Oh, he just baked the competition again.

 Representing Jumparoo : Courtney Lincoln

Ounce for ounce (and inch for inch) she brings the best ups.

I would normally save this one for the high jump, but roos can jump far as well. In simple terms, Courtney can put it out there - way out there. Watch her classic penultimate step but then hold on because she creates massive g-forces on takeoff. Speaking of take-offs, her competition wishes she would. Sorry, but just a junior, she'll be Hockomock high-flying for another year.

Representing Reliable : Amanda Walkins

She is the bet you could never lose?

I live with this girl eveyday so I know. Amanda never under-performs, NEVER. It doesn't matter what I do with her, I can't confuse her. One day it's asking her to hurdle on the school record-setting team. The next meet she has to post a PR in 600M. All this despite blowing out her ankle in practice the week before the state relays. Now it's on to pentathlon so this mighty mite can long jump and throw shot put. Don't bet against her!

Representing Justin Time : Jill Sergi

My oil delivery company is Justin Time. But my write-up is very late. Jill Sergi was a last-minute award winner in the fall but she never got her write-up. She was one of those indespensible cogs in the Franklin XC powerhouse. If they were going to repeat as Class B Champions Jill had to bring her A-Game. But the night before the race she had to bring her a-game to the hospital when she was felled by a mysterious ailment. Up until race time Coach Sweeney didn't even know if she could run. She not only ran but Franklin Park brought out her best. Just another of those amazing stories that few people ever get to hear about. I know she's versatile, but I was a little shocked to see her on the 4X200 winner's stand (below).