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Barry Ryan is an NA track alumnus '70. He was a teammate of's Dwight Estey.

Ryan is arguably the most fanatical follower of track and field to ever come out of North Attleboro. He is a student of the sport who adds a fresh look to today's crop of thinclads. He has agreed to share his unique insights through northrunning's newest segment - Ryan Out Loud

In his second article Ryan gives a little primer on the history of tracks, a look at the old Massachusetts tracks on which we competed and a little history on the North Attleboro tracks. Suffice to say, todays tracks are faster and more uniform, while perhaps lacking in 'character.Included are a few old track pictures.


In his first article Ryan allows us to look in on his recent pilgrimage to Pre's Rock.

Jerry Espinosa '80 read the article and just had to respond.