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The time has come to pick the ST Awards. But which day will it be? NA will be hosting the heptathlon on Monday and Tuesday. Plus Monday and Wednesday are town meeting days. I hope that Thursday will be the unveiling. If not it will have to wait until next week because Friday I'm on the road to Saco, Maine with some pretty special athletes.
ST Awards - Spring '05

It is that time again! Time to consider newest categories for the STAwards. Spring Track is the season of gods and goddesses. Roman and Greek to be exact.


I'm not an expert on mythology. But then again, I don't have to be. I know when I'm in the presence of a supreme deities– I bow down to the talent in the Hockomock League. And I hope you do too! I'm going to need your help. Who reigns supreme in your mind?


The Hockomock League is the equivalent of Mount Olympus, home of many of the gods and goddesses of Massachusetts high school track. Who sits among the clouds?


There will be a fair amount of artistic license on this one. So if you feel I don't exactly represent your own understanding of mythology, consider me a heretic.


How do I intend to appease the gods? Anyone who garners an STAward for the first time will receive a sacrificial (and official) STAward Key Chain.

*Gods and goddesses are interchangable. You are allowed to nominate either gender to any category.

Apollo - God of Truth and Integrity

One of Apollo's more important daily tasks was to harness his chariot with four horses an drive the Sun across the sky. He was the god of music, healing and truth. Apollo is about to be replaced by the Hockomock League's "God of Truth and Integrity". Who will it be?

Coach Estey (6)   - He has been hitching his chariot to stars for generations. Some twinkle, some glow, some shine, but they all pull together and light the way for those who follow in crossing that Big Red sky to success . (*note- I received this one anonymously but had to include it because I appreciated the imagery)

- I would like to 2nd the nomination for coach Estey, because he brings out the best in people , and is always honest and polite to all athletes and coaches from other teams. -

That would have to be you Coach Estey. You have to win at least one award. It's only right. And what better than the Apollo- the god of Truth and Integrity.

- I also think you deserve this one Coach Estey. Who else but
you could be nominated. Without Apollo's efforts to carry the sun
across the sky, each day could not exist. Similarly, without you as coach
of North Attleboro, we wouldn't have achieved the success that we have
in this season and seasons past. And that's something of which you
should truly be proud!

- seems like everything has already been listed! Need I say more?

Leah Seward (3) - I just like the way she carries herself. She seems to be the outspoken leader for North Attleboro.

TyLynn Graham (2)

Rebecca Happnie (1)

Meghan Crowley (1) - It's as if this award was created for 'The Truth'. She's consistently, even through injury, at the top of the Hock leaderboards and if Apollo is the god of healing, maybe he's the only one that can fix her ankle come postseason time.

Ares - God of Battle

When Ares hears the clashing of arms, he grins with glee, puts on his gleaming helmet, and leaps into his war chariot. Brandishing his sword, he rushes into the thick of battle, not caring who wins or loses. Who relishes the battle, fearless of the outcome?

Fjodor Melnikov (2)- He goes into every single race knowing he is going to win. It doesn't matter who he's racing, or where it is, he is determined to win. And most of the time, he does.

-This Russian is not afraid of anybody and goes into each race wanting to face tough competition.

Kat Brandenburg (1) (she has really taken on a competitive attitude like no other freshman on our team has, she will become a big part of FHS track)

Powell Simpson (1) - It must be my Mansfield bias, but I think Powell is the most deserving of this award. Only a freshman, he goes into every race with a confident, but calm aura; knowing that he's "not going out there to try his best, but going out there to do his best". Powell is never afraid to race anyone - whether it be a seasoned veteran or a rookie like himself, and before all is said and done, he will be a force in the Hockomock League (11.4 / 23.2 / 36.73 / 52.13 / 20'8" / 5'10" as a frosh).

Shawn Leonard  - He never thought track would be for him. He has brandished his new- found career and excels far beyond his wildest dreams. It wasn't about the outcome in the beginning according to Shawn; it was about staying in shape for his fall and winter sports. Now Shawn is the best in the 110 hurdles and the high jump in the Hockomock League.  

Jen McNamara - She takes on the best in hurdler in the state in each race she is in and doesn't back down.

Rich Curran (2) - is the god of battle, he puts all his effort into every race, and does anything in his power to succed every time on the track, even when he has no competitors, he still looks for a PR.

- Always trying to make himself a better runner no matter what it takes.

Tinuke Adeyemi

Kristy Fuller - She's endured so many injuries and fearlessy
takes on her competition no matter who it is.

Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt who worships her prey. Who respects her opponents, honoring their ability by striving her hardest to beat them?

Tinuke Adeyemi (2) - proved at the Coach's Invitational that she respects her opponents, yet strives to beat them in every event she participates in. The Long Jump was just the first event where she succeeded to beat out worthy opponents. Then came the 4X400 and she pulled ahead, determined to get her teams time up where it belongs. She will be a great asset to the team in the future.

Mary Shea (2)

Katie Rizzolo (1)

Katie Brague (1)

Caitlin Lawrence- I love racing against her because I know we're going to push each other to a better performance every time…she never gives in no matter what.

Brianna Sionne - I've never run a race with Brianna without
her wishing me good luck before and giving me a high five after. She has
so much respect for everyone against whom she competes.

Rich Curran…it doesn't matter whether he is leading or not, he focuses on what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results possible.

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and Understanding

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. Who will replace her as the Hockomock's best example of wisdom and understanding?

Dave Robbins (3) - can break down form, technique, workout designs. He is a true student of the sport and will be a great coach someday.

-It's gotta be Dave Robbins. The wisest, most knowledgable athlete I've come across yet. He knows when you're doing something wrong, and is quick to assist a young athlete. Dave has helped me to become a better runner with his patience, understanding and willingness to always guide a younger teammate.

- Tally another vote up for Robbins, he's one of the few people that knows as much as I do about the sport and is such a technically sound runner that I see no reason for him to ever lose.

Leah Seward - She not only proves that she has the skill, but she also has the understanding that every meet, she may not be the winner, but she gives 100%. She is the most intricate part of the 4X100 relay and many meets pulls that one out for the team. She is ahead of her years in the understanding of the human being.

Nate Sharpe

Jill Sergi

Coach Estey (2) - Nobody displays more knowledge and understanding of the sport than Coach Estey, and he proves it in every meet as he switches athletes around on the fly to always find the best results.   He is the epitome of a God of Wisdom and Understanding in track and field.

-he works wonders with the knowledge and understanding of the athletes he has to work with…I've watched him produce winning teams for the past 8 years!

Atlas Award

Titan Holding the World on his Shoulders: Who holds their team on their shoulders?:

Dan Darcy (1) Regardless of his team's record, Darcy is a perennial powerhouse for the Eagles. His natural abilities allow him to carry his team in whatever event they may need him - 800, mile, two mile, triple jump, and even high jump. Darcy is a team player.

Caitlin Lawrence "Law"

Francesca Peretti- She has an amazing ability to step up in every competition and exceed everyone's expectations, in multiple events!

Diana - Goddess of Strength, Athletic Grace and Skill.

She is praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty and her hunting  skills. Who best blends the attributes of strength and skill?

TyLynn Graham (5) - is extremely talented and always looks graceful - TyLynn is the best hurdler, high jumper and triple jumper she is also Miss Massachusetts Teen – This one speaks for itself.

- I've never seen her lose. Probably the most intimidating female athlete I've ever encountered. And I have no doubt she would destroy me in numerous events.

- (no contest)

- TyLynn Graham…strength, athletic grace, beauty, and hunting skills? I think Ty has all of these attributes covered!

Francesca Peretti (1) - shows strength in each event in which she participates. A

vital asset to any team and a versatile athlete, she is capable of

performing her best with noticeable agility. She just makes it all

look easy.

Steve Trexler (1) -The throwers in the league get no respect and are so underrated, but where would Mansfield be without them? Trexler is a perfect example of strength and grace as he is a pure technique thrower. When he started four years ago, no one thought a 6 foot tall, 135 pound kid would end up throwing 50 feet in the shot put and 135 in the disc, but he's proved everyone wrong. Pure grace, strength, and skill.

Shanika Pitts (1)

Jackie Oates- Strength and skill and always smiling…I'd say that's a good blend.

Caitlin Lamothe (2) I'd have to go with Kaitlin Lamothe on this one. I've competed
against her numerous times and she amazes me by the sheer strength that
powers her to victory.

Hebe- God of Youth

Powell Simpson - 11.4/23.1/52.13/21'9" The kid's good. And a freshman.

Gentry Jones - I had to get him an award somehow. 10.8 / 11.23 for 6th, as well as a tenth place finish at State Coaches in the 200m last year as a freshman show great things to come from the Canton sophomore. Canton looks very strong in the future with Gentry as their leader.

Kat Brandenburg

Elijah Harris- This kid can fly!

Hermes - God of Land Travel

Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods. Hermes is the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves, and known for his cunning and shrewdness. Most importantly, he is the messenger of the gods. In keeping with the theme of land travel, who is the "god of distance"? This person not only talks a good game, but proves it when the rubber meets the road!

Kailin Collins (7) - The distance award should go to Kailin Collins.

- I think that Kailin collins should get the god of land travel because she has conquered every distance event there is, and I'm sure if she was a sprinter, she'd be amazing there too!

- (this girl can race)

- Hands down, Kailin Collins. The girl's amazing.

- If you need a reason you obviously haven't seen her run.

Shanika Pitts (1) - She has the fierce competitiveness and just the mere thought of her competing against some other athletes intimidates them. She truly proves that when a win is needed, she is there.

Michael Watson (1) - Will he ever stop training? Mile after mile, minute after minute he runs on, even with a torn ACL and MCL, the kid couldn't wait to get back training. He just loves those roads.

Lindsay Booth

 Minerva - Goddess of Accomplishments

Goddess of wisdom and learning, meditation, inventiveness, accomplishments, the arts, spinning and weaving, and commerce. Which Hockomock goddess has accomplished the most?

Brian Miller - Most people don't know who Miller is yet, but he can beat you in 100,110H,200,330H, LJ and HJ.

Holly Heinricher (3) - 12.3, 25.7, 46.1,60.2, 17'2, 4'10, 34'10

Leah Seward (3)– Both academically and in sports – The grades and the numbers prove themselves

- Her list of awards and accomplishments is longer than most novels.

- academics, athletics, leadership, compassion…Leah excels in all of these areas through her dedication and hard work.

Dave Lint (2) - He wins more than anyone else. And he'll take a challenge from anyone. And he'll beat them. The best track athlete in the Hockomock League. Case closed.

- On the track, its gotta be Lint; though Leonard - a state champ - is giving him a run for his money.

Hillary Crook - The best Hock shot putter in 20 years; she is the most accomplished athlete in the league - but the throwers get no respect.

Katie Rizzolo and Jill Sergi - They have been the backbone of Franklin's XC program, winning the class B's three consecutive years. They each have 5 or 6 all-hocks to their credit. Both were league champions in their respective events. Sergi was part of the 4X800M team that set the class B record last year and won the McIntyre Relays DMR. They never lost a meet in XC winning the Hocks 3X, The SSP 3X, the RI Invite 1X, Manchester Invite 1X. Academically they are the top of their class. They have remained injury free, and more importantly, kept improving along the way.

Shawn Leonard

Mercury - God of the Winged Sandals

He was also the messenger of the gods. He   used the characteristic winged sandals to help him get around faster. When you look at winged feet, who do you picture wearing them?

Dave Lint (2) - He is undefeated in the 100, 200 and 400.

Shanika Pitts (7) - After running a 58.30 in windy conditions, she has opened many eyes.

- but Holly's a close second

- This girl can move. She's on a higher level tham most and proves it every time she hits the track.

- She can fly past her competition without even breaking a sweat.

- isn't she already wearing those winged sandals?

Holly Heinricker (2) - The picture of wings on their feet that comes to mind is Holly Heinricher of Foxboro. She can move.- I can picture her wearing those little shoes with the wings on them. Not that she needs them. She's already faster than me.

Tinuke Adeyemi - is the god of winged sandals because even in tough conditions she still manages to run a 61 and 62 in the 400, and 4x400. And she made an impressive comeback after an injury in the beginning to the season.

Aaron Fears... just watch him run the 100 and 4x100.

Adrienne Goldberg - I feel bad for anyone who has to run the second corner against her in the 4x100 cause that girl can fly!

Pan Award - Goddess of the Fields

Who is the best field event performer?

Sean Leonard - Just one look at the league leaders list should show that he owns the field events.

Brett McDermott - For his performances in the javelin, triple jump and long jump should also be considered.

Hillary Crook- Unstoppable.

Jupiter - God of the Sky

Jupiter the supreme ruling god. Considered god of the sky and weather, and guardian   of all property, oaths and treaties. god   of wind, rain, storms, thunder, and lightning. Who rules the air?

Shawn Leonard (3) - 6'6, 42'6 and 20'.

- He jumped higher than 6'8. That's insane. He beat everyone else in the league by more than 6 inches. Ridiculous.

Liz Dailey (even though Graham might be the obvious choice, Dailey really knows how to rise to the occasion – ex Hocks and State Coaches')

TyLynn Graham (2) - 5'5.5 and 37'1!

- Sky High Ty... that's all I have to say.

Courtney Lincoln - She rules airtime at the track meets. She is a great athlete, good motivator and very focused.

Adrian Li - The kid can fly. I'm afraid of how well he'd be jumping if he was healthy.

Caitlin Lawrence

Mars - God of War

Mars was the consort of Rhea Sylvia and father of Romulus and Remus, and therefore   the father of the Roman people. He was the Roman god of war, the beginning and ending of battles. When you face this person on the field of battle, you meet the essence of competitiveness!

Kristin Fuller (3) - although has been hurt most of the season, I still see her as the most competitive. You can see it in the way she warms up.

- Watching her jump up and down before setting up in her block, you can't help but be a little intimidated. Looking at her face before she runs, you know how bad she wants to win, and how competitive she is.

TyLynn Graham (2) – Look at that face when she runs those hurdles!!!

-I swear to God, she must have a switch in her head that puts on her game face

Lindsay Booth (Franklin)- She has not only proven to be an amazing

runner, but she does it with style. Not every sophomore, or anyone for that

matter, can run a 2:24 in the 800.

Emily Tran

Caitlin Lamothe

Venus - Goddess of Joy

Venus is the bringer of joy to gods and humans. Who brings the most joy to your team - or better yet - to the whole league?

Greg Clayman  - He seems to bring the league together.

Courtney Lincoln - seems to have friends on every team she competes against.

Shannon Swanson (2) - A person that fits this award is always there for their teammates. This individual strives to make sure there is harmony and is always there to cheer on their fellow teammates.

Jackie Oates (2) - she always wishes her competitors good luck, and she is always happy, and I have had many pleasant conversations with her.

-There is no comparison to this girl's positive attitude and friendliness to every person she encounters, no matter what kind of day she is having. No one deserves this award more than she does.

Meg Crowley (2) - Meg Crowley has to be the friendliest, funniest girl in the
entire league. She always has something funny to say and without fail puts
a smile on my face whenever I see her.

Tim Keefe - I can't tell you how many times people on my team have told me "Keefe, do you know how boring practice would be without you?" With my socks, haircuts, and various other antics, I make everyone else laugh. Latif Thomas was even recently quoted as saying "Keefe, you make being out here in this terrible weather not that bad" And it was pretty miserable outside. I even make myself laugh sometimes.

Caryn Anderson (she is hilarious and she's one of those people you can't hate if you try)

Amber Banks - I've never seen anyone have more fun at a track meet. At the Mansfield/NA dual meet, she was dancing the whole time to the music over the loudspeakers, eating pizza when she finished jumping, and just having a great time.

Kathleen Hennessey

Lauren Alix -Whether she's about to start a race, or watching a
race from the sidelines, Lauren is always cheering people on. She's
always ready to give the best pep talks, and give the most helpful tips. She
always has a smile on her face, and loves it when her teammates do well
in a race. She is a true goddess of joy.

Tinuke Adeyemi- An awesome teammate…she's always cheering for everyone and genuinely cares about the team .

Zeus - God of Gods

Who is the unquestioned Hockomock T&F athlete who has no peer?

TyLynn Graham (3) - She owns 3 events where nobody seems to be close. She can win the state in any of those events.

- Put her in a number of events and she'll still win with ease.

Greg Clayman (2) - He knows everything and everyone. And most everyone knows him. He knows the PR's of 80% of the Hockomock League. How can we not give him the Zeus award?

- How arrogant am I? Arrogant enough to give myself this award. Which one of my minions will take over for me next year? Tim Keefe from Foxboro has even said that he's "on [his] journey to become 2006's Greg Clayman." I'm sorry if I just broke the cockiness scale, I'm just the messenger.

Sean Leonard (2)

Marcus Vaughn (Syracuse) - Can I still nominate him?

The following categories have no place in mythology but hold high esteem within the league. Who do you picture as the league's best example of the following?
God/Goddess of Humor

Courtney Lincoln - I've never seen her not laughing about something. Ever. She always has a group of people around her, and is always laughing.

Brittany Borchard

Sara Krasney - is the goddess of humor, no matter what she always laughs at jokes, sometimes ones that arent funny just to make people feel better. She brings out the best in people, and brings humor to t&f

Meghan Crowley and Brittany Borchard (2) (as a pair)

Matt Anderson

God/Goddess of Endurance

Aaron Fears

Kate Rizzolo - is the goddess of endurance because she carries herself well in races especially when she doubles in the mile, and two mile, by the way she doesnt even look tired after she is done.

Jenna Banks (2) - She's the true goddess of endurance. She proves it
everyday, in every practice, and every meet. She can always can keep at a
fast pace whether the run is for one mile, or six. No matter what she
has to run, or how long she has to run, she does it and doesn't even
break a sweat.

- She just never stops running! I think she'd run to and from the away meets if we let her!

Nate Sharpe - How does he run those mile/2 mile doubles and do so well in both? Incredible.

Mike Watson (1)

Dave Binney - Binney has had an outstanding season, often doubling in both the

mile and the two-mile several times throughout the season. His being

the underdog to his win in the two-mile at Hocks is testament to his

unfailing endurance in any situation.

God/Goddess of Leadership

Dan Darcy

Keith Anderson - Both on the field and off, Anderson exhibits positive leadership

qualities and offers feedback and encouragement to anyone. He is not

afraid to take charge and inspires others to do their best, especially

before races. He is OA boys' distance captain, and no one deserves

that title more than he does, nor would anyone else follow through

with the expectations that come along with being a captain more than

he does.

North Captains (2) - are the goddesses of leadership because they have always given great pep talks, and are some of the best captains North Attleboro has seen in a long time. they cheer on every event and show what it takes to wear red and white

TyLynn Graham

Leah Seward

Amanda Walkins - she's been an amazing leader since we were
freshmen. She's always known what it takes to stand out and has led by
example every day of her career at North Attleboro High School.

God/Goddess of Humility

Amanda Walkins (4)

I have the inside track on this one; it doesn't matter which aspect of her life is involved, she is always humble about any of her achievements/accomplishments.

Jill Sergi (1)

Matt Zussman - He is the epitome of modesty. Quick to congratulate and quick to

show respect, Zussman's attitude is simply exceptional.