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Press Release - April 1, 2006

Hockomock Track Coaches plan to release album.

After months of negotiation, the Hockomock League Track Coaches will unveil a CD of original hits. What started as a late night songfest at the annual MSTCA New England Track and Field Clinic has grown into one of the most eclectic groupings of track related music.

The only delay has been in choosing a proper name for the group. The first suggestion, "Motley Crew" was deemed too similar to another group. The same problem arose with "Twisted Disc-er", "Men-2-Boyz", "and "Red Hot Chilly Weather". They finally settled on "Rock-O-Mock"

The album starts with a medley of nearly familiar Irish songs. Patrick "Blarney Stone" Sweeney has developed a new twist to melodies near and dear to his heart. You'll hardly recognize long-time favorite "Oh Danny Boy" (changed to Oh, PJ Boy).

After sampling enough Irish brough to make your ears hurt, Harvey "Wish I Was" Blonder tantalizes with Beatle classics. Listening to these will make you wish Abbey Road was closed for construction. Blonder adds a twist to each song, weaving a story of his coaching career. These include and ode to his favorite high jumper "Long Tall Sally", his advice to athletes who want to quit ("We Can Work it Out"), and his post meet speech ("Help!").

Finally Dwight "Smooth Noggin" Estey finishes off with some never before heard heavy metal. These include: " I Banged My Head til the Hair Fell Out", "Stick it, Javelin Man" and "You Know Where to Put the Shot".

Side two features renditions by Mike "Hootenanny" Darling, George "BB" King, and Julie "Don't Call Me Judy" Collins.