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North Attleboro partners with chasingKIMbia to support Kenyan athletes.


The North Attleboro girls' track team has announced a new initiative to help Kenyan athletes attend public schools in the US. It costs roughly $500.00 a year to attend high school in Kenya. Large numbers of highly motivated students are unable to afford their dreams of a complete education. Here is where North Attleboro Girls' Track and creative philanthropy came in.


In order to make a difference, Coach Dwight Estey has partnered with Matthew Taylor to identify students who would benefit through an exchange program. Taylor has identified five female cross country runners willing to attend a pilot program at North Attleboro High School in the Fall of '07. In exchange, Coach Estey will send five athletes of his choice to Iten, Kenya the following spring.


“This is the culmination of a dream for me” remarked Coach Estey. “I consider it doing well by doing good and vice versa. It will be uplifting for us to have five athletes of this quality joining our team in the fall, while North track always has an excess of athletes in the spring. Oh, and they'll also get a good education”


The qualifications for the exchange have to be worked out, although Coach Estey expressed his willingness to send 4' high jumpers in return for sub-19 minute 5K runners.