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Washington DC - August '04
We're off to a day of sight-seeing
One of our first stops was the new WWll Monument. There is always controversy surrounding any addition to the present monuments. It has taken its' rightful place and blends smoothly into the Mall.
Here we are at the WWll Monument with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.
Emily and Matthew pose in front of his home state.
Arlene checks out the reflecting pool. That is the Lincoln Memorial in the background.
The Lincoln Memorial
This is one of the most favorite and solemn of memorials.
We are on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, behind us lies the reflecting pool and Washington Monument
Emily and Matthew
Part of the Vietnam Memorial
This is one of the quietest areas of the Mall - a small island that holds the names found on the "Declaration of Independence". As Matthew remarked, "Without these people, none of the rest of this would exist."
Emily and Matthew pose with Matt's lifelong friend Ryan. Ryan was part of the Marine performance we came to watch.
A moment to rest and reflect