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Ryan to resume training.

North Attleboro grad and standout quarter miler Barry Ryan (1970) has vowed to resume training for the next Olympic Games. Having been unable to qualify in each of the last eight Olympiads, Ryan's bid is expected to undergo close scrutiny.

Ryan has posted a number of significant lifetime PR’s over the last year with what appears to be very little training. Indeed, last week he ran a 49.6 for the 400M while wearing tennis shoes. While it may seem like an implausible goal based on his current speed, Ryan is quick to note that “only a year ago I couldn’t break 90 seconds.” At his current rate of improvement he expects to be the first man to run the 400M in less than 40 seconds. This goal doesn’t surprise his wife Patricia as she claims “he’s exceptionally fast in everything except helping around the house!”

Ryan is a Professor of Environmental Science at Emory College. He doesn’t expect this new quest to interfere with his classes. “It’s really not about the training at all” Ryan claims. “I just have to believe in myself. If I can dream it I can do it.”

Ryan also claims that his newfound abilities have nothing to do with a severe bite he received in the lab from a radioactive spider.