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The questions keep pouring in and it is time to start answering them. (Actually, I haven't gotten any.) When I was writing for I received questions every day from all over the country. Possibly my answers had something to do with the fact that is no longer in existence. I hope not!

So I've actually fabricated my own questions and answered them - and believe me, I made them easy.

As I get to each question I'll provide a link to the answer.

What are some common myths about high jump?
What is the difference betwen fat, F.A.T., and phatt?  
What do you mean when you say it is not the speed of relay runners in a race, it's the speed of the baton?  
How do you determine what event an athlete should try?  
What are some of the ways that you have had athletes disqualified during competition?  
Why shouldn't my child go home when her event is done?