Last year Matthew Taylor created the Puma Street Meet, an all-comers track extravaganza held in a South Boston parking lot, replete with Usain Bolt and Jamaican entertainment.


This year Taylor continues to stretch the envelope with the first ever “baby carriage Bolt”.   In an attempt to spur interest in the sport to even younger participants, Taylor has developed a series of baby carriage sprints. Not yet confirmed is an appearance by Usain Bolt. There is no recognized world record at the 50M or 100M distances in either the single or double stroller competition. Bolt has shown interest in establishing records that will never be touched.  


Standing in Bolt's path is a restriction that only parents or legal guardians can be pushers. When the rule was first announced, Bolt received numerous requests from strangers to assume temporary guardianship of their child.


Despite these legal wranglings, Taylor is extremely enthusiastic about the first meet to be held on Wellesley's track. “We expect a huge local turnout, plus we've gotten a tremendous response from a large segment of the country – and even a few international entries.” The latest concern is how to manage the crowd, which could inundate the track.

Taylor responds, “We've sectioned off the seating into four areas. We'll be asking fans to sit in sections A, B and D – and all entrants to use the C-Section.”


Taylor is not only the host, he is an entrant and has been seen out on the track practicing with daughter Grace. When asked how he expects to do, Taylor was enthusiastic about his chances. “You should have seen us last week”, he opined. “We were moving so fast she almost pooped her pants!”


Original plans were to have a 4X400M relay using 4 carriages (must have matching colors and wheels) and pushers, using a 40M exchange zone to switch the baby from carriage to carriage. Taylor nixed the idea with a terse, “Nobody pushes my daughter around!”


This year's entertainment will be Salt ‘N' Pepa featuring the song “Push It”. Oooh, baby, baby!