Though this website has been sold to a shoe company (see related story) it doesn't mean the northrunning concept will be lost.

I have a new dream and that is to see mountain biking become an Olympic sport. My part in this new venture starts with the signing of one of the most charismatic and fun riders in this fast growing sport.

I've found that my ideals as an athlete match those of Rocky "Hot Rims" Wheeler. I expect him to become the poster child for Bikers Unlimited's push to join the 2012 Olympics.

Rocky's life hasn't always been along a smooth path but ever since I approached him with the idea his wheels have been spinning. He is no longer the shifty person who couldn't handle bars. Now "Hot Rims" never tires in the pursuit of excellence.

So I hope you'll embrace the energy that he brings to biking and join us soon at

PS. To help raise funds for Rocky's training select one of the four pictures above. Send $25.00 in a plain manilla envelope to Rocky at for a signed color 8cmX10cm picture.