This begins the last two days of


Thanks for all your support over the years. I thought it would go on forever. But like my incredible “ups” in high jump and my blazing 100M speed, inevitably there had to be an end.


It was a great run! Over the next 24-48 hours you can still check out and/or copy some of your favorite pictures, articles and meet recaps.


Some of what I think was my best work were the ST Awards, the pictures and everyone's favorites - the April 1 st pranks. I certainly hope that some of the young bulls or bullettes that are computer savvy will take over the reins and keep the dream alive.


I'm old, I'm tired and my index finger hurts. Keeping a website going with one digit has been a daunting task. But so is competing in the Hockomock. Many from other leagues might debate that the Hock is the best league in the state. Believe Ed Hitchborn's indoor season rant because he's absolutely honest when he says the Hockomock is #1!! I tip my hat to all of you.


You might be wondering about the future of as a website. After years of keeping up this URL as a completely non-revenue endeavor I've opted to feather my retirement with a sell-out to “The Man”. If you aren't hip to the lingo of the 70's I've decided to take the money and run.


A start-up shoe company has bought the URL and will soon be selling running shoes on this site. I wish I could tell you the shoe names – they're awesome! I've been sworn to secrecy over both that and the number that precedes my 5-zeros settlement. Let's just say that I'll be sleeping and eating well.


So now the future of Hockomock track reporting falls to the young and more determined if not brighter minds.   I wish all the athletes luck in the future. You've made this site what it is – whatever it was. And to all the coaches I've competed against who will also inevitably retire – don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!