Hockomock Expansion likely to go forward.


Hockomock League expansion is just around the corner. In fact, as this blog is going to the airwaves the Hockomock principals are voting on the inclusion of Attleboro High School.

While most people I've talked to think that the proximity and student body make-up fit the Hockomock profile, a few dissenters are concerned about the size of AHS, considering it a "sleeping giant". If recent rumors are correct that will become the least of problems. The long term plan calls for the inclusion of more large schools with the ultimate goal to create a three-division league with seven teams in each division.


Hockomock South would include long-time members North Attleboro, Mansfield and Franklin while adding Attleboro, Brockton, Durfee and New Bedford. This was recommended by the highly regarded MIAA because the result would solve scheduling problems for the current Big Three.


Though originally slated to be a member of the South Division because of size, regional considerations have thrown Stoughton into the Hockomock North division. They are to be joined by King Philip, Foxboro, Sharon, Oliver Ames, Canton and new member Nantucket. Despite travel costs the athletic directors voted unanimously to include Nantucket in the new package. In a show of respect for the Whalers the AD's have already scheduled bi-weekly meetings on the island.


The final grouping would be the Hockomock Catholic Conference Division. For years Bishop Feehan has sought inclusion into the Hockomock. Rather than continue to keep them out the AD's will include them with new members Xaverian, BC High, Malden Catholic, Catholic Memorial and St. Johns Prep. Since all of those schools are boys only the seventh school included will be the all girls' school Notre Dame Academy. Bishop Feehan and Notre Dame girls will face each other as many times as necessary to fill out schedules.

On a related note, while North and South will allow cross divisional play, the HCCD will be kept as a totally separate entity.