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Paul Norton at Rose Field
Paul Estey in high jump at Rose Field circa 1968

1970 Grad Barry Ryan has this to say about the 1967 team.

            "The group picture of the boys picture is from spring 1967, probably taken the last week of March or the first week of April- 36 years ago right about now.... we were only freshmen...

Front Row: Phil Jones, Paul Jette, Mike Vigorito, Paul Norton, John Tenbrinke, Paul Lewis, Joe Skolski, Bill Austin, Gil Daggett, Paul Estey, Joe McConnell

Middle:Unknown (Might be Jeff Nelson but I didn't think he ran), Glenn Lincoln, Brian Barber, Jerry Tenbrinke, Jeff Livingston, Rich Fitzpatrick, Barry Ryan (with hair), Doug Macbeth, Steve Andrews, Joe Carey, Bruce Hayes, Doug Compton, Ron Ouimet, Roger Viens (?)

Back: John Forget (I didn't forget), Ed Glode, Tom Graham, Tom Zilch, Tom Welch, Barry MacEwen, Bob Juusola, Mark Fenton, Dwight Estey (with one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen), Doug Rioux, Bob Guthrie?

There were some other guys on the team who are missing- Ed Pickering, Rich Fitzpatrick's brother, Wneks hadn't moved to town yet, Al Berard was still playing baseball, and Fred Quilitzsch was learning to spell his name. There was another Viens kid, from the special education class, who was pretty good as a freshman. For some- this was their only year.