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North adds 13 star athletes.

North Attleboro track and field is enjoying a windfall having picked up a baker’s dozen quality performers. The Irish junior national team has decided to move their training to the fields of Sayle’s Dairy Farm and the hills of the World War 1 Memorial Park. They are led by national two-time Irish mile champion Patty O’Chare. Though O’Chare has taken the winter off she has been spotted outdoors during the recent spate of good weather.

This group technically will not be attending the high school but Coach Dwight Estey has applied for an MIAA waver. The athletes are presently living in the Pineapple Inn and have started a home-schooling course. The course “has a heavy health and fitness component” states Estey. He also comments “ I intend to watch very closely to make sure they adhere to the program.”

If the MIAA refuses the waiver Coach Estey has considered other options such as “adopting into the family any runner holding marks faster than our current school records” or “having them run under an alias.”

In a related story there is renewed skepticism surrounding past star sprinter, Swedish exchange student, Mats Lindskog. No birth records have been found matching that name. However, there is evidence of a Matthew Taylorskog of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania who was unaccounted for during that year – 1992. Rumor has it that Taylorskog changed his name and moved to North Attleboro in search of a girlfriend.

Having been unsuccessful at the time, he moved back to Pittsburg. To cover his tracks he shortened his name to Matthew Taylor and began posing as a distance runner. This ruse appeared to work at Yale. The depth to which this identity secret has been perpetrated is admirable. Since 1993 Matthew Taylor has shown no speed, therefore securing the secrecy of his Mats Lindskog portrayal.